Me and Mine – June

dear beautiful

I can’t believe that another month has gone past since the last Me and Mine, which I snapped right at the very last moment. Continuing the theme. this month’s picture has been taken this morning. Fortunately better camera and better light than the last effort, but neither Thomas nor Ian had much patience for the endeavour today!

But here we are, camped out in our front room playing with Thomas’s current favourite toy as our garden is currently a demolition zone!


And a couple of the outakes:



Me and Mine – May

If there were an award for the most technically poor family photograph of the month, this would surely win it hands down. I’ll confess, it was a last minute, bedtime, iPhone selfy. Light conducive to calming down and coaxing Thomas to go to sleep is not conducive to a good photo on a phone camera!

But that is not the point is it? The technical quality of the picture matters less than the fact it exists at all. For all it’s failings, it does capture the three of us exactly as we were at that moment before bedtime, and our ritual pre-sleep family cuddle.



My participation in the Me and Mine project has been sporadic – we’re currently three for five. Not wanting to miss a second month in a row was a huge part of my motivation for taking this picture, so that I would have something to share. Because what I have really learned so far this year is that we are not too bad at getting family shots taken, it’s just that we let other people take them and then do nothing about following up to get a copy of the picture. I know that there are several nice group shots of the three of us from both April and May nestling on other people’s hard drives. So my goal from here on in is not only to get more family photos – staging some of our own if possible – but also to make sure I get people to share their pictures of us with me once they have taken them!

Here’s a bonus picture, taken at a recent wedding, where we are clearly both attempting to get Thomas to look at the camera. It appears than once he did, no photo was actually taken!


dear beautiful

Me and Mine – March


I was late to the Me and Mine party in January. And in February I failed to take and share a family portrait at all. But this month, we have progress: I have the pictures, and I’m on time!

As always, however, things did not go entirely to plan. I actually had a completely different set of shots in mind to share, but once again (this also happened in January) the memory card on which they are residing is not in my possession. And as is often the case with our family group shots, we have many of the same scene each one containing one or two good elements. But getting everyone looking at the camera with an appropriate facial expression in the one frame? It appears to be nigh on impossible for me and mine!

Here are some alternatives, all taken by my father-in-law:




(Ian is probably going to kill me for sharing this last one, if not some of the others!)

Despite my issues with actually getting family photos (or perhaps because of those issues) I’m still really liking the idea of participating in this project, and I’m loving the photos others are. I’m  determined that I will get better at capturing all of us together!

Late to the Party – Me and Mine – January

I came across the Me and Mine Family Photo Project, started at dear beautiful, last Thursday and enjoyed a blog hop around looking at all the images which had been shared.

I thought about maybe joining in, and started to look back through the hundreds of images I’ve captured during the first month of my 365 Project. After several long minutes I realised that I had to join in. Not because I’d discovered some beautiful family portraits including the three of us that I felt happy to share with the world. No. I had to join in precisely because I didn’t find anything. Not a sausage.

Like the other participants, I’ve discovered that we’re supremely rubbish at capturing shots of all of us together. And like other participants, that makes me sad. I want to be able to look back in years to come and not just see a sea of pictures of Thomas, but also see how we were as a family at different points in time.

Although I’ve already taken on a 365 Project this year, I think this could compliment it quite well. So this is my commitment to making sure that at least one picture each month is one of us as a family of three.

The shot I’m sharing here won’t win any photographic awards. Thomas isn’t even looking at the camera. But it’s the single picture of the three of us together that I have from January. It was taken by my father-in-law last week whilst we were at Ian’s sister’s house for lunch. The only highchair in use by or youngest niece and Thomas clamouring for food, I decided to sit him on my lap to eat at the table. I’d forgotten to bring a bib, so he’s wearing a borrowed one. It is actually quite representative of us as a family… muddling along through!

Me and Mine Jan

I’m late to the party because I needed to acquire the image from my father-in-law before I could share it. But next month… next month will be different!