A girl met a boy. They made two. The two had a baby. Two plus one is three.

What is Two Plus One is Three?

Two Plus One is Three is a blog sharing our family story. It’s principally about our lives, the things we love and what makes us tick – everything from days out and holidays to living, and parenting, with chronic illness.

It was originally started under the name Sweetener and Spice back in 2011 as a way to document my medically intensive pregnancy with type one diabetes. It then evolved in to a record of our lives as a family of three and, subsequently, our efforts to add to our family.

It was never our intention to have just one child, but sadly infertility put paid to our best laid plans. This blog also documents much of our infertility struggle and ultimately unsuccessful IVF treatment, a subject that is often still a taboo.

We have finally reached a form of acceptance that we are not able to have more children. Whilst I’ll always wonder about what might have been, I’m incredibly grateful for what I have been blessed with. And although our family is small, it’s still a family.

This is us. And this is our story.

Who are we?

Caro…. (Me!)

I’m many things besides being a mother to one. My day job involves wielding a variety of sharp instruments and inflicting considerable pain and suffering on innocent members of the public, who pay me for the privilege. In other words, I’m a dentist. Actually, I prefer to look at is as helping people who are in pain and ending their suffering, because that’s how it really is!

I’m also a veteran of chronic illness, including type one diabetes and adrenal insufficiency. A diabetic for more than thirty-four years, I use an insulin pump (Animas) and continuous glucose monitor (Dexcom). Unfortunately diabetes is not well suited to my perfectionist personality type, as perfect control does not exist. I do the best that I can though.

I’m also a little odd. I love giraffe and have a collection of cuddly anteaters. I will only eat cheese if it is cooked and have to eat M&Ms in a specific colour order. I love to travel, but hate to “just” lie on beaches. I love gin and white wine (not together!) but red wine triggers my migraines. I love to bake almost as much as I love to eat. I can’t fall asleep unless my ears are covered up and I can’t walk up a flight of stairs without counting them. We all have our “things”, right?! And anyway, I’m lucky to have found a person who loves me just the way I am….


My long suffering husband. Our meeting involved ropes, harnesses and a not insubstantial amount of sweating as we met at a rock climbing wall.

Ian, holding the safety ropes, caught me in a fall and technically saved my life. I felt obliged to buy him a beer after that and… well, one thing led to another. We got married on June 12th 2010, on what turned out to be a magical, fairytale kind of day, and one that we’ll never forget. I love him more than I can find the words can say.

He’s a software engineer by profession, and is responsible for everything bar the content on this blog. He hates the rain, bakes beans and salad cream, but loves gin almost as much as I do. He’s the calming influence to my fiery temperament and despite my accusations, almost never puts things which aren’t actually rubbish in the bin!


After we got married, we spent two weeks in Kenya on our honeymoon and two weeks after that had an offer accepted on a house. We packed up more than a decade of life in London and moved to the Kent countryside. In March of 2011, the next chapter of our lives began with two pink lines on a plastic stick. That was the start of the pregnancy which eventually brought us Thomas, born on the 10th of November by caesarean section after a four day failed induction ordeal.

Now five and a half, it’s fair to say he’s the light of our lives. He’s completely obsessed by trains, a love that began with Thomas the Tank Engine at 18 months but has flourished to include all types of trains from the Flying Scotsman to Southeastern electric trains and on to the Shinkansen Bullet trains. There is almost nothing this boy doesn’t know about rail transport and his various model railways are a permanent feature of the floors in our home.

He also loves space and science, lego, rising his bike, chocolate and ice cream. His smile can fill a room and his laugh is infectious. He’s stubborn, strong willed and opinionated, but affectionate and empathetic too.

I would have loved to have had a bigger brood, but I wouldn’t want any number of extra children if they meant trading him in.

 Want to get in touch? Email me: caro@twoplusoneisthree.com

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    1. Thank you! Glad you’ve enjoyed the blog, we are very happy! I’ve been doing teeth for 13 years now… it’s acereer under immense pressure right now between the NHS and litigation culture, but I still enjoy the core of it!

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