Running in Sunflowers

Earlier on this week we took a trip to a local farm that has a Sunflower Trail. It’s the same local farm that has a Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin Patch in October, but I found out about the Suflower Trail completely by accident on Facebook. It’s a working farm, so aside from a picnic area with an old digger to climb on and a couple of small sandpits, there aren’t any other attractions or animals to see. It seemed like the perfect activity to do on a day which was sunny yet also threatened rain at any moment, as it was short enough and cheap enough to be easy to abandon if the need arose.

It didn’t disappoint. The sunflowers, all nodding away in the same direction (did you know that whilst sunflowers are heliotrophic and “follow the sun” they only do so whilst actively growing? Once they have fully bloomed the fix facing east! One of several facts we learned on the trail!) were almost glowing in the sunlight. Thomas and I were both completely dwarfed by the wall of flowers around us.


Thomas took charge of the map. It wasn’t really a maze, as it wasn’t particularly difficult to find the way, but there were a couple of wrong turns and dead ends and Thomas took great delight in navigating us away from them (although he had to double back when he realised he’s missed some “Sunflower Facts” in the dead ends!

We also had fu searching out various bugs within the trail and spotted various flies, caterpillars and butterflys before making it first to the “centre” and then to the exit.

Visiting lavender seems to have become a popular activity recently, but I can recommend searching out a local sunflower field too!

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  1. I have only seen sunflower fields in France. I had no idea you could find them here too. What a lovely idea to open the fields up and make a trail for the public to visit. They are such stunning flowers it must be wonderful to follow the trail right through the middle. Fascinating to read about their growing patterns too.

    Thank you for sharing your day with me on #CoutnryKids

    1. Yes, I’ve come across a few “maize mazes” and we did do one last year. Sunflowers are different and definitely a bit prettier though!

  2. Wow – gorgeous photos and really interesting facts! I had no idea they started facing east when fully bloomed! I’d love to go to a sunflower field – I think they are at their best now #countrykids

    1. Thank you. I had no idea either – and apparently it’s to do with the stalks thickening in a particular way. Nature really is fascinating as well as beautiful.

    1. He did enjoy it a lot. We managed to grow one sunflower last year, out of about 7 we planted! We didn’t remember to plant any this year though.

  3. I love this idea. I’ve not seen one advertised. Our sunflowers have been so successful this year, I was thinking of giving them more room next year, but not quite on this scale. We’ve managed a corridor with one turn. #CountryKids

  4. What lovely photos. The sunflowers look so tall. I love the saturation on the photos too – very yellow. Makes me want to go and find some pretty flowers too haha #CountryKids

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