Happy Days: Festivals, Camping and Dates

So. I made a decision to return to blogging partly because I had so much that I wanted to record in a way that I can easily look back on. And I was full of enthusiasm and inspiration and raring to go and then…. Well, then this week happened to me! Safe to say it has not been one of the easier weeks of life or parenting with Thomas managing to simultaneously push almost every single one of my buttons. Something is clearly bothering him, although we haven’t got to the bottom of what and it has been reflected in his behaviour. Add stressful work and general life stuff in to the mix and it would be very easy for me to throw up my hands in despair.


There has actually been quite a lot of good stuff this week. So I’m linking up this list of little happy moments with Katy and Sian

    • Fun, and a couple of pints, in the sunshine at a local community music festival. Thomas had a ball dancing, and was also excited that there was a fire engine in attendance. Firefighters are a big thing at the moment – he’s even told me that he might want to be a fireman rather than a train driver (*shock*horror*)

  • Thomas really enjoying a full day of Judo camp, despite being quite anxious about going and being one of the two youngest ones there.
  • Sleeping out in the tent in the garden with my boy. He camped out with Daddy last weekend but was desperate to have Mummy join him too. We had heavy rain and thunder to contend with, but it was lots of fun even though it was only the back garden!

  • Getting all of the back to school shopping done without too much hassle. I actually bought all of his shirts, shorts and trousers back in July with 20% off but we needed to go to the school outfitter for all the specific stuff. We had a giggle when the first pair of PE bottoms the lady bought out pulled all the way up to Thomas’s armpits and looked like proper clown trousers! I was also winning because I had his feet measured and they haven’t really grown, so the new school shoes we got not long after Easter should last a while longer yet!
  • A “date” with my little man at the Cinema. We went to the Kid’s Club screening of “Sing” so it was £2 a ticket. Although it is an old film we haven’t seen it yet and Thomas has been wanting to for a while. It was actually really good – I couldn’t help but sing along – and Thomas gave it a massive thumbs up.
  • A date with Ian… well almost. Thomas was meant to stay with my parents on Wednesday night and so Ian and I snuck out for dinner and drinks. We’d just ordered when we got a phone call to say that Thomas was inconsolable. We still haven’t got to the bottom of what was upsetting him – he’s stayed with my parents lots before and never had a problem, so we know it isn’t that. We did manage to wolf our dinner down pretty quickly befre heading back though. Small wins!
    • New clothes in the sale. Including this dress which I have had my eye on all summer, so even better to get it at sale price

  • Nice little notes and comments – I signed in to my work computer today and received a little thank you note from one of our hygienists for something, and I’ve had some really lovely feedback forms from patients too this week, which is always good for the soul, especially when things are generally stressful and pressured.

Phew. That turned in to quite a list. Good to know there is plenty to be thankful for even when the week has felt like a struggle!

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  1. It’s good to see you back to blogging! The sunflower trail looks beautiful, what a lovely idea. Sounds like lots of good things this week, and I hope that next week is easier for you

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