Happy Days – Books, Music and Hair

This week has gone by really quickly – I cannot believe it is the weekend again already! Overall it’s been a good one. Thomas has been a much happier boy this week too, which has a knock on effect on my mood! I’m linking up with Katy and Sian again with these things which have particularly made me smile this week!

  • Thomas completing the library reading challenge. He picked some really good books and I was particularly pleased to see him enjoying some fiction as he generally much prefers to read non-fiction books. Obviously any reading is great but I’d love for him to love reading stories as much as I do!

  • Vintage Topsy and Tim – I’ve added a couple of new titles to my vintage Topsy and Tim library. An updated blog post about my childhood favourite twins hopefully coming up soon!

  • Getting my hair cut and coloured. It has taken me a long, long time to start enjoying going to the hairdressers. When I was younger it was always a stressful experience as I never knew what I wanted and often ended up feeling really intimidated for some reason! I love my current hairdresser though. I also love getting it coloured – even though salon colour is ridiculously pricey. I love the fact that it covers the grey (obviously) but I also like avoiding making a mess of my bathroom, plus it means the whole hairdresser experience is dragged out much longer so I get to enjoy a couple of hot cups of tea and a good few chapters of my book.
  • Thomas’s swimming. Thomas hated the water and swimming for such a long time. It has taken two painstaking years of really good lessons to get him confident – it took 4 terms to get him to even put his face in the water. But suddenly it has really clicked. This week he was swimming underwater between people’s legs and swimming confidently without any kind of flotation aid. It is so wonderful to see!
  • We had a lovely day out at Knole House and Park this week.


  • Rediscovering forgotten musical favourites. We’ve had an Amazon Echo since last Christmas and one of the things I love is the ability to play music really easily. This week I have rediscovered a whole bunch of albums from my late teens and been dancing round the living room to them!
  • Sharing my blog posts. I’ve been writing blogs on and off since 2006 and have never been very good at promoting my blog or my posts – so they usually get half a dozen or so views (if that!). But I’ve been trying to put in the effort to sharing my blog since I came back to it, and this means I’ve also discovered a few more great blogs too.
  • And finally, we’re off on holiday tomorrow – we’re heading to Dublin for a few days and I’m looking forward to time out from work and everyday life!
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