Disney Music, Jam and Birthday Invites… #LittleLoves

It’s no secret – or at least I think it’s pretty obvious – that’s I’ve been in another bit of a slump lately. Not least because there are some health issues going on, but also the change of seasons and yet another round of everyone and their aunt announcing pregnancies or popping out babies. Yeah, that still isn’t any easier to deal with. And as far as blogging goes, I’m still feeling a lot out of sorts. A lot like I don’t fit in and can’t find the community I really crave.

The only thing I know for sure is that I’m the only person who can do anything much about most of these things, including relocating – if I ever had it in the first place – some kind of blogging mojo. And in efforts to address both that, and to bring a little positivity and happiness, I’ve decided to join in with the Little Loves linky for the first time.

I know what you are thinking – I’ve joined a lot of linkys before and have the staying power of… Well, something not at all sticky. I can’t promise this will be any different, but since it involves very little forethought or organisation in my part (my massive downfall when it comes to photo linkys!) and because it is one that several people I follow participate in and so keeps popping up in my feed reader, I will give it a try. And hey, even if I only join in once, it’s a happy post. That’s got to be good, right?

So here we go:



Big Little Lies by Lianne Moriarty utterly engrossed me. Moriarty seems to be an “author of the moment” but I have to admit to not having really got in to either of the two books of hers I’d tried before, including the highly acclaimed The Husband’s Secret. Maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind before though, and will have to try again after loving this so much. I don’t want to give too much away, but the book centres around a crime but keeps you guessing about the identities of both the victim and the perpetrator for a long time. There is an additional twist too that I’ll freely admit to not working out until right at the last moment. A great page turner for sure!



Disney music! We spent over eight hours in the car with Thomas this week, going to and from Alton Towers. I must admit I’m pleased the Julia Donaldson audio CD obsession has waned in favour of the Now That’s What I Call Disney album and Frozen soundtrack. (Nothing against Julia Donaldson, but there are only som many times I can listen to The Snail and the Whale without going a little loopy.) I was belting out the tunes (to much eye rolling from my husband!) as we sped up the M1. I’m glad Thomas is such a fan, and it bodes well for our trip next year!


Not particularly original, but we watched the Great British Bake Off. We were driving back from Alton Towers with every intention to make it in time for the start, but roadworks, hold ups, horrendous weather and a child wriggling free of his car seat straps (naughty boy) all delayed us and we didn’t make it through the door until five minutes before the end. Fortunately it was up on iPlayer straight away and so I insisted we watch it before going to bed! I do love GBBO since becoming hooked during (I think) the second series which was on whilst I was pregnant with Thomas.




I think we’ve reached the end of the blackberry season and we made our final batch of blackberry jam, some of which I then used to make jam tarts. It’s delicious enough to eat straight out of the jar with a spoon. Not that I’d do that of course. Ahem.

I’ve actually made a bit of a resolution recently to make some sort of treat each week rather than buying stuff like cakes or biscuits. I find if I make things I enjoy and appreciate them more, and I’m more likely to want to make them last rather than eating them mindlessly. Shop bought biscuits are so much less satisfying that I often find I’ll mindlessly much through several ip without really thinking about it, which isn’t particularly healthy! I’d much rather enjoy a proper treat, that I’ve made myself, each week. Along with the jam tarts I also made banana bread this week and previous recipes have included my G&T cake, peanut butter cookies and Millionaire’s Shortbread.

We also made Thomas’s birthday party invites this week, which is a bit early considering his birthday is not until November. I knew I would be seeing a couple of the mums from Thomas’s old preschool that I now won’t see much now though, so I wanted to take the opportunity to hand them an invite as Thomas is quite insistent about certain people he wants to come to his party! (Let’s just hope they can make it, otherwise I might need to be creative to avert disaster!) I’m pretty pleased with how they look.



This week I have been mostly wearing black skinny jeans – which has been a change after a summer of cropped jeans. I’ve also been wearing a raincoat – although we were lucky with the weather at Alton Towers we did have a few showers. And I’ve also been in my hoodys, as I refuse to put the heating on until at least October (although we have cheated and had the log burner going!) I have treated myself to few new things online this week though, so hopefully they will arrive soon and I’ll do better in this category next time!



And Lastly…

We had a great time at Alton Towers this week using free tickets from our previous trip in June immediately after the Smiler accident. And now it’s Friday night, the log burner is going, I have a glass of wine and…. a whole week off work! We’re off for a quick break to Vienna. There is lots to love about life.




9 Replies to “Disney Music, Jam and Birthday Invites… #LittleLoves”

  1. Hey Caroline welcome to #littleloves!! You’ve gotta love a bit of Disney I think I’d be belting it out like you too ! Check out the jam – wow! I’d live to be able to bake etc etc but I just don’t seem to have the patience I get distracted too easily! Party invites look fab 😃 have a great time in Vienna xx

  2. So lovely to see you joining in with little loves, I’ve been a bit absent for a few weeks but I think I needed to focus on something positive this week. I can’t believe you’ve already sorted Thomas’ birthday invites, we haven’t even decided on what to do yet. We are going for a bit of a Lightning McQueen theme and thats as far as we have got!
    I missed Bake Off this week (too busy having an emotional meltdown on hubby) so need to catch it up on iPlayer. I really like The Husbands Secret, so I’ll definitely look up her next book (if I don’t like it, I’ll blame you)
    Have a lovely week Caroline! xxx

    1. Thank you! I think Big Little Lies may have been out before The Husband’s Secret, under a different title. It is good though! The main reason we’ve sorted the birthday party is because Thomas has changed preschool and I won’t see the parents of some of his friends who I’m not really friends with myself much now. I needed to seize the opportunity to hand out invites. (I won’t mention that I’ve also sorted party bags thanks to a Book People discount!) Hope you have a lovely week xx

  3. I love this linkie, it’s the first one I’ve committed to and I think I’ve only missed one since I started. It’s great to focus on the positives, especially if you’re feeling a bit down.

    Your wee family photos are lovely!


  4. So lovely to have you joining in with Little Loves! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to commenting.
    I too loved that book, I read it on holiday and it really drew me in. I used any chance I could get to read it!
    Oh blackberry jam, yum! I’ve never attempted making jam, I really must give it a try.
    Hope you’re having a good week this week xx

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’ve just read one that you mentioned in your post – I Let You Go by Claire Mackintosh – and finished it in two days as it was similarly gripping! Jam making is one of those things that is much simpler than it first appears, and the results are always delicious, so do give it a go if you can!

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