Me and Mine – December 2014

So here we are – the final day of 2014 and the final Me and Mine portrait of the year. My intention, after missing several months last year, was to ensure that I tried my best to participate every month this year. I guess I did try, but I certainly didn’t succeed! Sadly that seems to be a bit of a theme as far as participation in this kind of thing goes. My Living Arrows posts petered out after I got behind and well… excuses, excuses!

To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure about contributing this month. Somehow the only pictures I can find of all three of us over this festive period are some horribly grainy selfies taken to share our family efforts at Christmas jumpers.

The thing is – I’ve said it before – the fact that these pictures are of horrible quality actually matters less than the fact that they exist at all. If I hadn’t seized that opportunity one evening to capture a quick snap, we wouldn’t have any pictures of the three of us as a family from this month.

And continuing that theme, I guess it doesn’t matter that I haven’t managed to take, or sometimes just share, a family picture every single month. At least I have some pictures, and that is always better than none. When I look back at the Me and Mine portraits I have shared this year, they fill me with warm fuzzies. I know that my family may not look exactly how I may have hoped and dreamed, but it’s my family nonetheless and I love my happy, daft, kind, generous and devoted boys more than the words can say.

So I’ll leave you with our silly selfie. Yes, my jumper is flashing. If you’re going to do a Christmas jumper, you may as well do it properly!



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4 Replies to “Me and Mine – December 2014”

  1. Hahaha, I am LOVING the flashing Christmas jumper. Like you say, if you’re going to wear a Christmas jumper then you may as well go all out.
    And your words about family photos really ring true with me. It’s not about the quality of the photo, or having that perfect moment where everyone is perfectly gorgeous and in a happy mood to smile at the camera… it’s about taking the photos at all, and proudly capturing our family together. x

  2. I LOVE your Christmas jumper, I think it’s fabulous, you completely put the boys in the shade! And it’s always true that the best photos are the ones you actually take – these are lovely shots and you look so happy to be together 🙂

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