An Autumn Park Trip

It’s just over a year since I wrote this post about Thomas’s love for our local park. A lot has changed in a year. He’s bigger, taller, more argumentative and even more bossy and strong willed! But the commitment to the park is one thing that remains unchanged, as strong as ever. Even on chilly, grey days when the air is filled with fine drizzle that clings to you hair like mist, and the park is completely deserted as a result.

I took these photos on a recent trip in such conditions. We had the entire playground to ourselves for more than thirty minutes. Once Thomas had had his fill of swings and slides he dragged me up the hill to the castle so that he could speed down the steep, steep hill on his beloved bike – no photos of that bit, since my heart was in my mouth as I chased him to stop him crashing in to the people at the bottom or – perhaps worse – the river!

(For the observant amongst you, yes he is still wearing the same coat as he was a year ago. This is the benefit of buying big for a child who is very firmly on the small side of average. However recent growth spurts mean it looks as though I’ll be buying another before the winter is out!)

This probably counts as a bit of a gratuitous loads-of-photos-of-my-son post. I can’t apologise though, even though they may not be the best pictures in the world. Because if I can’t post hundreds of pictures of the silly expressions my boy pulls on my own blog… well, where else can I put them?!


















And of course, all good, slightly chilly autumn walks need to end with a warming drink and a great big chocolate chip cookie!


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3 Replies to “An Autumn Park Trip”

  1. Aww, looks like you had a lovely day at the park. I do love the light in these pictures, really beautiful, and that concentrated look on your boys face when he is eating his cookie, bless 🙂

  2. The next time I’m stood at our park with the rain dripping off my hood I’ll think of you and know that you’re probably doing something similar! It’s nice to have all the playthings to yourself though, but goodness does it get cold at this time of year! And I love Thomas’ expressions on the swings – he really does just love it doesn’t he!

  3. What gorgeous photos and I love his coat- good going getting the wear out of it for another year, we are doing the same with Mads this year too which is handy! Such smiley shots and I love the one of him eating the cookie at the end too, it’s made me hungry! x

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