A Christmas Pudding in the Preschool Nativity

Last Friday was one of those parenting milestone moments for me. It was Thomas’s very first preschool nativity performance.

I don’t care that they’re only three and four years old. I don’t care that it’s not “proper” school and so, according to some “not a proper nativity”. I don’t care that the children didn’t do any acting, and only a couple of them had anything to say. It may just seem to be a glorified sing-along to some, but it was Thomas’s – along with his friends’ – first chance to stand up on a stage and perform something that they’d practiced really hard for in front of their families. And they all sang their hearts out.

There were traditional nativity characters – Mary, Joseph, Kings, shepherds and angels. They stood at the front during a short reading of the Christmas story, and whilst everyone sang carols including “Little Donkey” and “Away in a Manger”.
There were also plenty of other Christmas characters – Father Christmas, reindeer, snowmen and the like, which fitted with the many other songs the children sang. Thomas’s part? The Christmas pudding! I racked up some serious Mummy-points by making his costume myself – it was a very simple tabard style outfit made from felt and had the advantage for the nursery staff of being light and very easy to put on!

Thomas absolutely loved it all. From the moment he spotted us when we arrived, through the part where he ran down the aisle to me where I was seated just after they’d been walked on stage (yes, I was the mum walking my child back up on to the stage – and yes, I had a tear in my eye at his overwhelming enthusiasm) to his actions and dancing on stage and waving to us throughout. All of that is what I will remember forever more. No question at all that this was a special moment.







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