A Bit of Christmas Singing

Despite a jam-packed December schedule, despite a Christmas market trip and my work Christmas party having been and gone, despite Christmas films featuring on a daily basis and multiple Christmas jumpers being in the clothing rotation, and despite having our house festively decked out with paper chains and a Christmas tree, I’ve been struggling to feel all that festive so far this year.

Maybe I’m just too busy. I’ve wondered if I’ve taken on too much “Christmas stuff” on top of the extra stress that occurs at work at Christmas (funny how people will let things slide for months, but suddenly need to get it sorted because Christmas is coming!) and some other balls that I need to keep in the air. I can’t help but worry that I’ve been seduced by Pinterest and social media in to thinking I need to be doing so much in order to make Christmas magical.

I don’t really think that’s it though. I think that I DO feel under pressure to make everything extra specially festive for Thomas, but that’s because I know it’s all a bit of struggle at the moment. It’s hard to feel festive when your heart feels broken and all your wishes have been snatched away.

For Thomas, at least, though it is working. He’s become happily excited about the many things that have been going on. And he told me just today that he really did enjoy Brussels, despite the meltdowns! His main source of excitement, however, is definitely Christmas music. After his music class today, the leader told me she was very impressed with his full run-through of ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’. He’s also incredibly excited by his nursery Christmas show later this week. He’s been cast as Christmas pudding, and has been giving us frequent renditions of the Christmas Pudding song. Yesterday he declared, just as the bath was run, that he needed “to rehearse” and he sat and sang through five songs back to back. Unfortunately I didn’t have a video camera or my hone handy at the time. But when he said he wanted to rehearse again to day, I took the opportunity to capture it.

I love that he holds the words sheet as if he is really reading from it. I love that he pronounces Rudolph as something that sounds more like Gandalf, and the exuberance with which he shouts the word “Glee”!

It’s the one thing out of everything that has made me the most excited for Christmas to come. I need to remember to see it through his eyes, no matter how I’m feeling.


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