It’s Autumn!

I’ve always loved autumn. I’m not a fan of grey drizzle, but a bright, clear and crisp autumn day? I’d probably take that over searing heat anytime. I love the fact that the changing weather is a cast iron reason to hole up at home a bit more, with a hot drink and a blanket, and the fire going. And I love the changing colour of the leaves and crunching through piles of fallen red, gold and brown. I always have, and the kid in me always will.

I think I’ve been waiting for the autumn where I could properly share this pastime with my child ever since I knew we’d be having a baby. Last year Thomas was a reluctant participant. He still hadn’t fully got over his hatred of wellies and the look on his face clearly told me that he thought the idea of running through piles of crisp, dry leaves was a bit daft.

But this year, he’s watched with fascination as the trees have changed colour and begun to loose their leaves. He’s asked incessant questions about the seasons and really noticed what is going on around him. He’s really got on board with some autumn craft, spending an hour long walk collecting the best leaves he could find and then sticking them to sticky-backed plastic to hang on his window.

And, perhaps most importantly of all, he’s found the pure joy that is tossing fallen leaves in the air and watching them spiral down around him. And the fun that can be had by running through rustling heaps of dried leaves, kicking them up as you go.

Every time we venture outside, he can be heard declaring “It’s autumn!”

I don’t usually “do” video. By which I don’t mean I don’t record it – I have hundreds of clips of Thomas doing various things. But they all contain someone (usually me) saying something silly across the ending, or large amounts of waiting for the real action to occur. It’s just that I’ve never really understood how to edit videos, and turn them in to something other people might want to watch. But this weekend I finally took a look at the iMovie app on my phone. In the space of 20 minutes, whilst simultaneously doing other things, I’d cobbled together something vaguely resembling a presentable video. I know I’ve got a long way to go, but I couldn’t resist sharing it anyway.

So here we are… It’s autumn!

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