Thomas and the Pony

(I thought one of the plus sides of a week of quarantine might be the opportunity to catch up on blogging some of this summer’s magic moments without also feeling the pressure of too much new stuff to blog about. Of course, it hasn’t really worked out like that and I still have just as much as ever to share, but here is one small effort to start to address that!)

One of the things that always stands out in my memory of childhood summers is all the local fetes and carnivals we attended. I remember our village green coming alive with stalls and shows. I remember the feeling of the aeroplane chair ride, spinning faster and faster, higher and higher until the world around became nothing more than a blur. I distinctly remember my dad taking us in a swing boat. A proper wooden, hand painted affair that creaked as he pulled the rope to rock us back and forth. Those fun filled summer afternoons, or at least my nostalgia for them, is one of the reasons I still seek such events out these days. And this summer we were lucky enough to be able to attend the fete in the very village where I grew up. A proper walk down memory lane, with my son in tow.

It was a day that the weather forecast predicted to be showery and overcast, but turned out to be gloriously warm and sunny. We tried our hand at the various tombolas, collecting a reasonable selection of prizes for our efforts. Thomas rode a small train ride with much joy. We watched local dance displays and examined the vintage vehicles on display. We ate ice cream rapidly, before the fury of the sun demolished it.

As we worked our way around the field, one thing caught my eye: Pony rides.

It turns out that it had caught Thomas’s eye too. And he was more than game for a go, skipping gleefully towards them shouting “Hello horsey!”

The pictures tell the story. “It’s bumpy mummy” he giggled to us as he was led up and down the field. And he couldn’t wait to tell my dad, who’d missed the occasion that “I rode a donkey Grandpa. And it was bumpy!”





Just for good measure, and to prove that this really was a trot down memory lane, here’s a picture of me riding a donkey at the very same event in 1983, when I would have been a little under a year older than Thomas is now. Thirty one years ago, health and safety did not call for saddles, never mind helmets, but does that smile look at all familiar?!



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  1. Aww he’s just so cute on top of a pony – and suddenly looks so very small! How lovely to be able to replicate something you loved as a child 🙂

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