Me and Mine – July 2014

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve managed to link up with the Me and Mine project. I’ll have to be honest and say that lack of photos of the three of us is the whole reason. Part of my motivation to consistently join in is to ensure that we capture those precious shots with all of us in the frame. I’ve clearly been failing at that!

This month, however, I captured two lovely family pictures without even thinking about it, and both were at the top of tall buildings.

The first was taken on our final morning in Berlin when we visited to glass dome that sits atop the Reichstag Building. It was taken by a passing stranger, who seeing our camera offered his services before I’d had time to consider whether I wanted to ask anyone to get a picture of the three of us together. If only that could happen more often!



Despite the look on Thomas’s face, he’d actually had a blast running up, and then down, the circular walkway inside the Dome! Unfortunately I’m squinting in the ridiculous sunlight, but it was a beautiful morning for taking in the city views.

Our second image was taken back in London, at the top of the Shard during a visit as part of my grandfather’s 90th birthday celebrations a couple of weeks ago. An engineer by trade he was fascinated by the actual structure as well as the views. Almost 88 years his junior, Thomas was equally impressed with the views of the train tracks below and the space to run around… and around… and around. Those of us aged in between had a great time too. It turns out to be an attraction that most definitely can appeal to all ages.



I really love this photo for the fact that, for once, Thomas is actually looking directly at the camera, even if I am not! And my brother was on hand to take the shot, so no awkward requests of strangers for this one!

My final bonus shot was taken at the Deutsches Technikmuseum, in their Spectrum Science Centre, an interactive science museum full to the brim with hands on experiments. Thomas was quite transfixed by the thermal imaging camera. I like we’re looking hot… sorry, couldn’t resist!




dear beautiful

12 Replies to “Me and Mine – July 2014”

  1. What great photos with lovely memories to go with them – I like the thermal imaging one too; my inner science geek think’s it’s very cool!

    1. I thought it was very cool too! And interesting that Ian was indeed warmer than me – that whole “battle of the thermostat” thing!

  2. Wow what lovely memories made together. I love your family portraits. So much adventure and happiness shining in them. Just beautiful. #me&mine

    1. It was pretty cool, and the view was indeed amazing. I’m still not sure it’s really worth what they charge. But then, plenty of people are happy to pay that much! It was fantastic for a special occasion though, and worth every penny from that point of view!

  3. Arlo has been asking to go to the shard every time we see it (which is a LOT!) and last week I finally relented. He bloody loved it! Of course, once he spotted the train tracks I couldn’t pull him away to look at anything else. If it wasn’t for the extortionate price tag for adults, it’s be up there in my top places in London to go with young children.

    1. One of Thomas’s favourite train-related activities at present is watching videos of model train sets. Since we went to the Shard he keeps asking to see “the model real trains” and I finally worked out he meant the trains as he saw them from up there! It’s a shame it’s so expensive. If they at least did some sort of season ticket, I can imagine I’d take him up pretty often!

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