I Scream… For Ice Cream

I’ve always loved ice cream. Maybe it’s the Italian in me, and the fact that I was brought up with a freezer that never contained fewer than half a dozen varieties of the frozen treat. Whatever it is, Thomas has inherited it too. He tasted ice cream for the first time on his very first holiday at the age of eight months, delighting even then in the strange cold sensation coupled with the sweet hit at the back of the throat, as evidenced by his grin and an open mouth for more.

These days it’s his favourite dessert. It’s the thing he requests, almost without fail, every day. And whilst I’m not averse to foods that others may regard as less than healthy options, even I can’t give in to him quite that often. When we’re out and the sun is shining, though, it’s a no brainer. Ice creams all round!

Until this year, Thomas either had ice cream in a tub, or shared a few licks of one of our cones. But for a vociferous, bossy little boy who simply loves ice cream, sharing is no longer going to cut it. Which is how we found ourselves buying his first ever “Mr Whippy 99” on a recent day trip.

It’s safe to say, he loved it!

Ice cream

Mr Whippy

Mine's a 99

Of course, one of the downsides of ice cream, especially eaten straight from the cone by a two year old, is the mess. Remarkably though, he did very well at keeping up, despite the intense midday sun that was determined to reduce our treats to a sloppy puddle. He only needed helping out a couple of times to catch the drips – and somehow doing this really made me feel like a “proper parent”. I can remember my Dad doing exactly the same for me, working quickly around the base of my childhood cones to catch wayward trickles of ice cream with his tongue.

Ice cream face

Ice cream slurp

Yum Yum Ice Cream

Getticg stuck in to ice cream

It may have been his very first Mr Whippy, but I’m sure it’s just the first of many. Another very ordinary, but no less special, childhood moment.

mummy daddy me

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  1. Mr Whippy is definitely the best! He looks like he is concentrating very hard on it! I adore ice cream, it definitely is my weakness. I have been known to eat it for breakfast on a couple of occasions. 😉 x

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