Anniversary, Mk IV

Yesterday was our fourth wedding anniversary.

On the one hand, I can’t believe it’s been four years since our wedding day. Sometimes it feels as though it were yesterday, with my memories still crisp and fresh.




On the other hand, I cannot believe that it’s only been four years. So much has happened in that time including moving out of London, buying our current house, pregnancy and parenthood, and, most recently, infertility. In a lot of ways it has been four of the easiest years of my life, certainly in terms of my own health. But these most recent months have definitely been a challenge too, and it’s helped me realise that we’re definitely stronger together.

Today we attended a review at our fertility clinic, following our recent failed cycle. One of the remarks our ever-patient consultant made as we weighed up different options, was that we must be careful not to let this destroy what we already have. I’ve seen, through close personal experience, exactly how infertility can do that. But I’m confident in saying that it really isn’t likely to happen to us. We’re a united team. Two people who are better as one. As nauseating as it may be, I really do love my husband just as much, if not more, than I did on our wedding day. Our love is easy, comfortable like a well worn shoe that I can’t wait to slip in to each day. But at the same time, our relationship continues to grow and change in fresh ways. I simply cannot imagine being without him, through rough and smooth, until we become grey, wrinkled and immobile. As much as I want another baby, I still want our family of three much more.

We both took the day off work yesterday, and with Thomas in nursery, spent the day re-visiting our former childless life. We took the train up to London, took a spin on the London Eye (for the first time in 10 years for both of us)











We then enjoyed a stroll along the Southbank to the Tate Modern, taking in a bubble performer and sand artist.



We crossed the river to St Paul’s and had lunch in a pub close to our wedding venue – the same pub in which we whiled away the afternoon of our first full day of marriage, drinking Prosecco and re-living our favourite moments from the day before. This time we enjoyed a very drinkable sparkling Sauvingnon and delicious burgers, before wandering back – past where we married – with a stop for ice cream and then Pimms.





It was nothing show-stopping, but it was a fantastic day – helped, of course, by the gorgeous weather.


So, here’s to the next four years – and many more thereafter. After all, my parents celebrate their Ruby wedding this very weekend – married thirty-six years before us, in the very same place. It may sound like a lot to live up to. But I don’t think so. We’re in for the long haul, and nothing much else has ever felt so right.


4 Replies to “Anniversary, Mk IV”

  1. Congratulations to you and Ian, it looks like you had a beautiful day – both then and now.

    Scott and I are thinking about marrying in the same church my parents were married in 1987. I am not religious, so am currently weighing up the importance of cementing our love in the same place as my extremely happily married parents did and having to essentially lie about god in front of our nearest and dearest!!

    Hope you’re well. xx

    1. Ah, that’s a difficult one! I tend to believe that church’s are open to everyone – not only because that’s truly Christian, but also because if you don’t believe, you can’t believe that anything bad will happen as a result of dishonesty within a church’s walls, if that makes sense! Hope the wedding plans are coming along well – it’s a very exciting time!

  2. Happy anniversary! Know exactly what you mean about it seeming like yesterday – we’ve been married for a similar time and I can’t believe it’s so long, yet it feels like it could be forever. Glad you enjoyed the day (PS I have such fringe envy) x

    1. Thank you! And I wouldn’t envy the fringe too much – it’s very high maintenance and seems to need cutting every few days! But thank you!

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