Me and Mine – April 2014

I’m more than a little bit tardy with posting this month’s Me and Mine. In fact, in the interests of being completely honest, this picture wasn’t actually taken until after April had ended. But what’s a couple of days between bloggers?

Besides, I really, really like this particular photo.

We set off for a walk in the woods, in search of muddy puddles (Thomas) and bluebells (me). On the spur of the moment, I tossed the tripod in to the car. There were lots of muddy puddles and plentiful bluebells, although sadly not too many suitable places to set up the tripod. However we happened across this wooden bench as Thomas demanded a snack. So we gave it a go, using the handy app that lets me control our camera from my phone. The light was far from perfect in this particular spot, and somehow we cropped my left toe out, but nevertheless I love it.

Me, and my family.


dear beautiful

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    1. Thank you! They are beautiful, and all owned and maintained by an assisted living charity. I have more pictures which I will hopefully share if I ever get enough time!

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