(Another) Day Out With Thomas

“Thomas did a wee wee. Look Mummy, a wee wee” was the loud phrase, accompanied by manic giggling, that other unsuspecting parents heard reverberating around the engine sheds as Thomas the Tank Engine – the REAL Thomas, of course – discharged his water tanks to the amusement of my son. That he should find that the funniest part of his second visit to meet the train himself seems somehow typical of my comedic little man.


It was a visit to the “Day Out With Thomas” at our local heritage railway almost exactly a year ago that really stepped up Thomas’s fascination with both Thomas and Friends and all things train related. Being a year older, and still thoroughly obsessed, we decided to take him again. It was interesting to see how much he has changed in than time. He knows so much more about the technical aspects of steam trains, knows almost everything there is to know about the multitude of different characters in the series and talks non-stop of passengers and platforms, whistles and wheeshing. Yet he’s also developed a far greater capacity to be afraid. Gone is the complete fearlessness of a year ago, replaced by a slight caution, a need to check with mummy or daddy that everything is as it should be. Holding back and staying close.

Whilst he was delighted to see so many familiar engines up close, he was also wary of their size and the noises they made. I suppose that’s understandable. He’s used to his friends being small enough to hold in his hand, slip in to his pocket, or share his bed with. (Yes, really. More than a dozen engines are painstakingly audited in their places as part of a pre-bed ritual.) At most, they fill the pages of a book, of the screen of the television. I can’t blame Thomas for being a little bemused to see these huge, more than life-size engines chuffing and huffing around him.

I didn’t take very many photos, and certainly not very many good ones, in part because the light was horrible, in part to allow myself to focus on enjoying rather than capturing, and in part because Thomas wanted so much continual reassurance. Nonetheless he enjoyed his day, which included a ride in “Daisy” to the end of the line. Highlights here included the balloon modelling man, and riding over a level crossing (his current favourite railway feature).





Eridge Platform

We saw Thomas, Percy, Diesel and the troublesome trucks shunting in the yard.




He met the fat controller. (And just look how he has grown since last year! Thomas, that is, not the fat controller!)


Taken in 2013

He giggled along to a Punch and Judy show, impressing me with his ability to sit and become engrossed in the story, laughing at the jokes.



And of course, Thomas being Thomas, he was in heaven to find the model railway tables.



Sadly we had to pry him away eventually, since we had another show to get to. But he chattered all the way home about Thomas having a wee. The funny boy that he is.


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  1. Aww he cracks me up! It looks like you had a wonderful day. And thinking about it it must be a bit surreal to suddenly see the trains full size, no wonder he was a bit puzzled!

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