An Unintentional Hiatus

I’m back.

I know, you probably didn’t notice that I was gone. But last week my blog temporarily vanished and I was left with only a flaky 3G signal to access the internet.

It’s a long and boring story, but to cut it as short as possible, our previous ISP was taken over by a massive corporation who put profits before people (sorry, but it’s true). We wrangled with them for a MAC code to allow us to switch, but in the end they terminated our internet connection without warning simply because we’d made steps to change the phone part of the package. Nice of them.

Because my blog is “self-hosted” in the truest sense – on our own servers – it vanished. And throwing the whole thing, large image files included, up on to someone else’s servers via a 3G service wasn’t really an option I wanted to contemplate.

So I took a break. From blogging. And from being attached to the Internet in general. It probably did me good, although the timing wasn’t great in the midst of our second IVF cycle which threw up some complicated circumstances that sent me running to Medline, and where it would have been handy had Ian been able to work from home.

But in the end it made the switchover less painful – no MAC code or active line takeover required. And it turns out to have been worth it because our new connection is staggeringly fast and confers a host a great features for my geeky husband.

So that’s the explanation for my absence. It’s made me wonder all over again just exactly what we used to do not only before the Internet, but when dial up was the only option since the data connection available to my phone inside our house is awful, and thus about equivalent! While a break may have been good for me, it’s better to be back!


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