A Walk In the Woods

We’re lucky to live in the heart of the Kent countryside – the so-called Garden of England. We live directly opposite green open space, a short stroll from beautiful woodland and mere minutes from a large lake. Just slightly further afield, the opportunities are endless, and we try to take advantage of our glorious surroundings as much as possible.

One of our favourite areas of local woodland to visit isn’t actually within walking distance, but the short drive in the car is worthwhile. The woodland, and surrounding land, belongs to a local charity which supports adults with learning disabilities and complex care needs through both residential care and community support. They keep a small collection of animals, including chickens, rabbits, pigs and goats which their service users help to care for. They also run a coffee shop and small plant nursery, as well as maintaining a beautiful woodland walk. It’s completely free to visit their land, and animals, but we always make a donation as I believe the work they do is both excellent and so worthwhile. We all enjoy it every time we go.

We usually try to visit in May, in order to catch the bluebells. The wet and mild-ish weather seems to have accelerated the season this year, and I was a bit concerned we’d have missed them by the time we made it last weekend. Certainly the bluebells in our front and back gardens seem to be past their maximum glory. I needn’t have worried though, for though they may have begum fading a little, the woods were as lovely as always. And Thomas had a fantastic time!

IMG_2806Checking out the chickens and ducks. “What they doing Mummy?”

IMG_2811A boy and his stick! “A good stick. A big good stick.”


IMG_2809Setting off for the woodland walk. “Come on, Mummy!”


IMG_2819That stick again!

I captured this series of pictures of Thomas with his Daddy as they were debating the merits of all the various sticks on the ground around them and which one was most worthy of being carries onward on our walk. Thomas is obsessed with sticks at the moment, and every  trip out to the park ends in a collection of more sticks being brought home. Ian is pretty encouraging of this need to find a good stick though… boys!!








Thomas’s other major quest was to find “muddy puddles”. We’ve only relatively recently been able to persuade Thomas to put wellies on (previously all attempts were met with a major meltdown) but it’s as though he has suddenly realised that wellies mean he can go squelching through the mud – although we’ve been telling him that all along!






IMG_2884Me and my boy!

We also came across a pile of cut logs. Or rather Thomas spotted a pile of cut logs and shouted “Look, Joby wood!” Obviously the boy is still completely obsessed with Thomas and Friends! He also found a bird’s egg shell (already hatched) which fascinated him for several minutes.






I also took the opportunity to sneak off and capture some pictures just for me, although clearly I didn’t have quite the time and peace that I would have done in my former life, before Thomas!






And amongst all the animals we saw, we also spotted this little guy hiding out in a fallen tree branch. We think he is a common newt, although I didn’t get a good look at his tail.


And finally, Thomas had some fun with the dandelion clocks…


… which reminded me of this post and pictures taken at the same place almost exactly a year ago. The boy has definitely grown!


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  1. Why is that all children are obsessed with sticks? 😉 Is there something we don’t know about them? Lovely photos and it looks like a beautiful place to go for a walk, we really want to go and see the bluebells. x

    1. Thank you. Perhaps sticks are under-rated…. But I really don’t see the appeal. I got home yesterday to find he’d stuffed a whole bunch in the bottom of the pushchair when I wasn’t looking!

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