Where’s the Plot?

You know the unintentionally funny phrases that are prone to slipping from the lips of our cherished offspring? It’s not really wrong to cry with laughter, is it?

This weekend, whilst Thomas was playing quietly with Grandpa’s Hornby mode railway coaches, I seized the opportunity for a cup of tea and a quick catch up on gossip with my mum. He was totally absorbed, lying on the floor beneath our feet, chattering away about junctions, signals and derailments. If you’d asked me, I would have said he was barely aware we were even there.

I was wrong!

Somewhere during the conversation, my mum threw out the phrase “lost the plot”. Moments later Thomas’s head popped up, quickly followed by the rest of his body.

“Need to go find it” he said, with absolute conviction. “Need to go find a plot.” He set off across the room with the determination of a mountain explorer.

“It’s okay poppet” I tried to reassure. “We haven’t really lost anything.”

He turned slowly to look at me with such a serious, earnest expression, I couldn’t hold back a laugh. “We must go” he said firmly, retracing his steps towards me to indicate his wish that I join him on his search. “Need to find a plot.”

It was the intrigued tilt of the head and the look of bewilderment on his face that we weren’t all taking him seriously that drove our laughter on, as he repeatedly declared that we must find the plot, and wondered aloud where it could be. We tried to explain, through laughter, but in the end chocolate served as a distraction and the search for the plot was forgotten.

Or so I thought.

Ten minutes later, he wandered over to me, resting his head against my knee.

“Where’s the plot Mummy?” he asked in a quiet voice.

I wish I knew, kiddo. I wish I knew. But to have lost the plot, I think you needed to have it in the first place!


Wot So Funee?

9 Replies to “Where’s the Plot?”

  1. I don’t know what’s more hilarious your conversation or that gorgeous cute facial expression!!! Love it. What a great post. #funee kids are so entertaining and literal!

    1. I think he is thinking “yeah… I knew that all along, I was being funny on purpose”. Gems like these make all the less appealing bits of parenthood totally worthwhile!

    1. I’m not sure that he has any idea what a “plot” is. He seems to think it is a real,tangible thing. I did have to wonder what he thought hewas looking for – what he thought it looked like! Need to make it round to read the other posts when I have a spare few minutes! x

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