Running Hugs and Raspberries

Thomas, like a lot of toddlers, has a host of fairly unendearing habits, such as wiping snot across his face and throwing food across the room. But for every one of those, he has several more that bring smiles to faces and make my heart swell with love.

Today we found ourselves at at unexpected loose end wandering along the Thames and, by chance, I managed to capture two of his current favourite behaviours on camera: The running hug and the raspberry blowing challenge.

The running hug is fairly self explanatory. When Thomas sees someone he knows and cares about – usually myself or Ian, or one of his grandparents – from a distance, he launches himself at them in a running hug. Even these pictures, of course, cannot quite capture what it feels like to have a small person come full tilt at you like a cannonball, landing in your arms with enough force to knock you off balance. What these pictures do capture is the joy in his face and the focus on his goal.

I know that one day he will be too old to give his mum a hug in public. And he certainly won’t launch himself missile-style in to my arms anymore. So I want to remember these moments that currently are an ordinary part of our days, but have the potential to soon fade to a forgotten memory.






The raspberry blowing challenge is a little more unique, but it is still pretty much as it sounds. Thomas likes to invite us to “give him a raspberry” on any exposed body part. This will often be on his tummy at bath time, or his feet before putting his shoes on. It never fails to reduce him to a mass of quivering giggles as he begs “again again”. It’s not often that we play this game out of the house, for obvious reasons, but today, sitting on a quiet wall by the river, recovering from a trip over a step, it seemed cruel to refuse.









These are little quirks that I don’t want to forget, no matter how grown up or serious my little boy gets!

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  1. Oh my goodness me these are the cutest photos I have seen in a long time. His little face is an absolute picture, just so so so cute. He looks like he is having lots of fun with his ‘games’- what a gorgeous little boy. This post has really made me smile.

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