{Living Arrows} 13/52 – Freewheeling

It’s imperative that you don’t look at me in this photograph. I say that not because I don’t like pictures of myself. Not because the wind, and running to keep up have whipped my hair across my face. I say it because you need to see the joy in Thomas’s face.

At last, after weeks of pestering, and a week at Center Parcs spent continually explaining to Thomas why he couldn’t take other children’s bikes, we gave in and took Thomas to buy his very first bike. Once we had explained that he couldn’t have a Hello Kitty bike (because they only came in sizes much too large for our tiny man, and nothing to do with the fact that it was bright pink) he picked out a white, blue and green balance bike. He jumped on in the shop and scooted away like a natural.

Of course, riding it outdoors was a bit more scary.

“I don’t like my bike, Mummy” he said, with an edge of trepidation as we set it on the pavement.

Yet a few minutes, only a tiny bit of persuasion and some help with balancing at speed later, this was the end result:


And, of course, when I let go he looked back and promptly fell over.

But surely that’s a rite of passage when you’re learning to ride a bike!

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