Egg Hunting

This Easter, Thomas and I almost shared a first together. But then he beat me to it.

I’m talking Easter Egg Hunts.

Egg hunts, and the whole Easter Bunny concept, were not something that we ever did as children. Of course we had chocolate eggs, but these arrived at the breakfast table, and there was no mystical bunny involved, just Mum and Dad. In fact, in later years I distinctly remember choosing my own egg at a local shop each year. In those days Easter eggs invariably seemed to come with a small egg in a little egg cup – I still have a collection of such egg cups and use them to this day! So breakfast was usually a boiled egg, eaten from the egg cup. We were never allowed to break open the chocolate until after lunch!

We had other Easter traditions too – painting egg shells and roast lamb being chief amongst them. But no egg hunts. I used to be unsure whether it was simply our family that didn’t have this tradition, but having spoken to other children of the eighties, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Easter Bunny brought the idea of egg hunts with him when he travelled across the pond.

Given their absence from my own family tradition, I hadn’t really given any thought to organising an egg hunt for Thomas until the last minute, when I thought it might be fun to do it together. But then they organised one at nursery, and Thomas got to go on his first egg hunt, at the age of two, before his mother, at the age of (ahem) thirty-four. But he absolutely loved it. Apparently he could hardly contain his enthusiasm at the time, and he came home talking nineteen-to-the-dozen about the “big egg hunt”.

Fortunately for me, however, my sister-in-law had arranged a hunt over the Easter weekend whilst we were visiting. So Thomas got to get excited all over again, and I got to participate in my very first Easter Egg Hunt. Sadly I didn’t get a look-in on the loot (but then, Thomas received a grand total of eight Easter eggs, so naturally mummy has been “helping” to ensure they get eaten! Ssssh,,, don’t tell, but no two year old needs quite that much chocolate!)




He hasn’t forgotten the excitement of his egg hunts yet, but fortunately he stopped demanding chocolate every day after just a couple of days!


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