Me and Mine – March 2014

This month’s photo was taken on our family holiday to Center Parcs, where we discovered the amazing invention that is the four-person swing seat!


Obviously it’s fantastic if you are on your own with two children, since you can sit in the middle and swing them both evenly, rather than trying to alternately push two separate swings.

That was my first thought when saw it. And it hit me in the stomach like a sucker punch. Because it’s not a problem that I have, or am ever very likely to have. And it reminded me just how much has changed since last month.

I do love this photo, and Thomas certainly loved all of us swinging together, infecting even me with his giggles. I see this photo and think of all the fun we had whilst we were away. But when I look at it, I also can’t help but see the empty seat next to Ian.

It’s a bittersweet photo.

But it’s reality too.

dear beautiful

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  1. This is a lovely family photo! LOOK at the huge smile on Thomas’ face! He’s pleased as punch to be on that swing!!

    I’m so sorry that you’re having a tough time at the moment; I can totally empathise, having been through 7 years of similar thoughts and feelings.

    No-one can say anything to make it better, but it WILL get better.

    Caro X

    1. He does love a good swing. Hewas a bit disappointed that we stopped swinging for the photo, but it would have been a bit much to get a random stranger to take a moving picture – he was slightly terrified of our DSLR!

      I believe that it will get better, but things are still quite raw. But thank you for your support x

    1. It is fun. Rather than standing for hours pushing a toddler who keeps shouting “higher Mummy” you can sit and really pump your legs just like being a kid again – all with a legitimate excuse!

    1. It does tell the story. And although it’s bittersweet, that’s what makes it perfect for Me and Mine, because it really tells something about where we are right now as a family.

      This was at the Elveden Center Parcs – not sure where you are going. We had a really great week. Hopefully I will have a longer post about it soon.

  2. family time is so precious (hooray for cameras capturing it) and last month I bet you couldn’t have imagined a picture where you’d be smiling and swinging. All the best for whatever the future brings x

    1. You’re right, I probably couldn’t have imagined feeling the way that I did feel whilst that picture was being taken. I know it will all be ok in the end. And yes, thank goodness for cameras to capture the memories!

    1. There are reminders. But I also need to focus on the good, and the positives, and all the brilliant things that we do have. x

  3. It’s a gorgeous photo – and a baby swing where you get to swing yourself is a work of genius! I know that for you it’s the empty seat that sticks out, and for very understandable reasons, but my eyes were drawn to Thomas’ smiles; he looks ready to burst with happiness (as long as you’ll please stop taking pictures and start swinging again!)

    1. I do believe the phrase “come ON Mummy and Daddy” was uttered just moments later!” Ah well, tehy’ll appreciate all these pictures when they are older!

  4. This invention is AMAZING. I have two kids that are little and would love to swing in the middle of them. So awesome. Lovely family photo too. I love a good park play. I have heard so many great things about centre parcs.

    1. It really is a genius idea. Center Parcs is great. I went as a child and loved it then, and now, it turns out, I love it as a parent. Hopefully have a full post about our holiday in the next couple of days, but I definitely recommend going.

  5. I love the idea of that swing – not because you can push two at once, but because it encourages the ‘grown ups’ to get involved. Sam and I went on the swings in one of our local parks the other day, and it made me wonder why we don’t do it more often – swings are fun : )

    I’ve looked at this post a couple of times now, and each time I find your photo very emotive. When I look at it, it makes everything you’ve been through and are going through currently feel all the more tangible for a bystander of your blog, like myself. I’m sure it can’t have been the easiest thing to think about a Me and Mine photo for this month, but I like what you said in your comment to Lucy about Me and Mine telling the story of where you are now as a family.

    1. It’s great because having a child in there is a perfect excuse to swing. I always feel a bit guilty if I sneak on to a swing at the playground on my own, and it’s not the same with a wiggly two year old on my lap!

      I think I will lookback at this photo and see the happy side of it, but Ialso know I will always remember this time in my life, and this photo will always bring those feelings back too.

  6. Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog yesterday. I has been a lovely month for seeing #me&mine photographs. I love your sweet picture, and hope you really enjoyed a lovely break (Center Parcs is our family favourite). I have loved reading through your blog, and was so sad to hear your news and the story of the bitter sweet family swing. No words seem to be adequate to comfort at a time like this. Hug that little man of yours extra tightly, I’m sure that he will be your greatest comfort right now!

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