MADness: A Post About the MAD Blog Awards

I’m surprised and delighted in equal measure to realise that I’ve been nominated in a couple of categories for the MAD Blog Awards. It’s MADness, I tell you!

It’s a surprise because I’m under no illusions about the popularity of my blog. I know that I don’t have a lot of followers. In its lifetime my blog has only ever had a few thousand page views and a few hundred comments, and I’m fine with that. I simply don’t devote the time to blogging that I know others do – or even that I would like to be able to.  And I’m not very good at self-promotion – which is one reason that this post is a bit of a challenge to write!

But I’m delighted to be  nominated because I am proud of my little corner of the Internet. I may not write as often as I’d like, but I do write with my heart and soul. This is first and foremost a personal site, written honestly and from the heart. It’s a labour of love. It’s my space to share my joys and triumphs as well as my challenges and disappointments on the rollercoatser that is parenting. I write because I want to. Because I need to. And because I love it. The fact that even one person enjoys what they see and read means an enormous amount to me.

Seeing the categories for which I’ve been nominated is also bitter-sweet. Because it turns out that I have been nominated in the “Best Pregnancy Blog” category. And, of course, I’m no longer pregnant. Which means, I’m sure, that I no longer qualify for that particular category. Sadly there is no “trying-desperately-with-all-your-might-to-conceive” category. Or even an IVF or infertility category. Perhaps because infertility blogs aren’t often also “Mum and Dad” Blogs. If I’m honest, I’d love it if the journey to pregnancy did still qualify to be considered, since it isn’t straightforward for so many people, and becomes just as important, if not more so, than those nine months themselves. But then, maybe that’s just the hormones talking.

Nominations are open for another week. So if you haven’t nominated yet, and happen to share the views of the person or persons who’ve already cast their vote for me – or simply like to support an underdog – then please consider doing so.

MAD Blog Awards
Obviously there is a lot of competition – amongst it all of my own personal favourite and “must-read” blogs. But alongside the blogs with the highest number of nominations, there is a spot in the final short list for a site chosen by the judges. Which makes the MAD Blog Awards more than simply a popularity contest.

I haven’t any expectations at all. But I do thank whoever has taken the time to nominate me. And I’ll still be here, writing away, come what may.


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