{Living Arrows} 9/52 – Gappy Grin

Thomas was a very late teether. He got his first tooth at over eighteen months of age, and although they all came in a bit of rush then, with ten appearing in the space of a few weeks, there has been a long gap without any more. When he first got teeth, I was afraid that he would look completely different. But I’ve become accustomed to his gappy smile – just four top front teeth instead of the full arch that children of his age usually have.

He’s recently got his lower C’s (canines, third from the middle) and I know that the top ones are not too far behind. And once again I find myself thinking about how much I will miss his gap-toothed grin.

Times passes so fast. They are little so briefly. And changing all of the time.

Children are born to be cherished.


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