{Living Arrows} 12/52 – Sliding

We spent last week on a much-needed and well-earned short break at Center Parcs (more on that coming up). As well as using the downtime to relax and reflect on the last few weeks, we had a lot of fun and took a lot of photos. A lot. I haven’t even looked through them all yet. And, of course, a huge proportion of those were pictures of Thomas. Which has made choosing a Living Arrows picture extremely difficult.

From the many that jumped out at me as I browsed through, I eventually selected this one. It may not be the most technically brilliant shot, or taken from the best angle, but it absolutely captures the open-mouthed look of pure joy that I see on my son’s face each and every day. I only have to look at the picture to be able to hear the squeal of laughter that accompanied this moment. I love the joy and excitement Thomas is able to find in each small moment. This picture will, hopefully, forever remind me of this stage of his developing personality.


living arrows

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    1. Woburn looks like it will be fab. I had forgotten how good Center Parcs is – we used to go as kids but this was my first time as a parent!

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