{Living Arrows} 10 and 11/52 – Catching Up!

Yes, I’m well behind on this project, given that the link for week 12 opens tomorrow, and the list for week 11 is already closed.

To be honest, I feel as though I’ve been chasing to catch up ever since I began. But I don’t want to let the fact that I’ve been late putting these pictures up spell the end of my participation. Since becoming a mother, I feel a little like my staying power – and the tenacity that enabled me to get all kinds of things done, and that I was well known for – has taken a bit of a hit. I wanted this year to be the year in which that changed again, for the better. I wanted to stick to the things I started and see them through. And on this one, it’s not simply about linking up, or the other people who are participating.  I’m motivated by ending the year with a collection of 52 photographs capturing all the developing personality quirks of my favourite little boy as he grows.

Quirks like his propensity for throwing spontaneous tea parties in a tent – and ensuring that his “friends” drink up their tea.


And his total fascination with playing with stones. Which invariably becomes “slate from the quarry”. Watching his imagination take off like this, and take him to new places each day is simply awesome.


living arrows

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