Chocolate Biscuits

Like a lot of parents, I have good intentions at all times. I want my son to grow up well-rounded, bright, happy and above all healthy. So I want to do things that will tend to encourage that. So like a lot of parents my intentions don’t include feeding him a diet full of processed food and high sugar snacks every day. But like all parents, I’m human, and can only resist the incessant demands for biscuits for so many days at a time. And I also believe that there aren’t many things that aren’t okay in moderation.

Chocolate is definitely more than okay, in moderation. It would be hypocritical of me to state otherwise!

And look what happens when you let a two year old loose with a chocolate biscuit!







And when it’s all devoured – save for the crumbs mushed in to the carpet and the sticky residue over the face and fingers and everything that they have been allowed to touch in the last few minutes – there is a small chance of them lying back, drunk on chocolate, and actually being quiet and still for several minutes.


That is priceless, and well worth the mess!

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  1. So gorgeous, what a lovely little chocolatey face! I have inherited two children who love sweet things, and I try to do it in moderation but it is hard. As long as it’s balanced I think it’s ok. Plus who can resist smiles that wide. 😉 x

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