Trigger Shot

Last night I took my last injection of this cycle of IVF: The Trigger Shot.

It’s a shot of chorionic gonadotrophin (yes, ironically, the pregnancy hormone) and is taken to mature the eggs and get them ready for release. Then, exactly 36 hours after administration, before that can happen naturally, the fertility consultant will go in there and Hoover them all up. Well, ok, maybe Hoover is the wrong word, but you get what I mean.

It’s an odd feeling, waiting to have my eggs collected. Tomorrow my eggs will, hopefully, meet Ian’s sperm and we will conceive. In a week at most, the intervention part of this cycle will be over and it will be down to my body to look after our embryo and hopefully progress in to pregnancy.

Whilst that is an exciting thought, there is so much that can go wrong between now and then. I can’t help but worry that I’ll ovulate and lose the eggs before they are collected. Or that none of the eggs will be mature enough for the ICSI process. That Ian’s sperm won’t thaw. Or that none of the eggs fertilise. There is the chance that all these steps go perfectly in the next two days, but then the development of the embryos arrests and we don’t reach transfer at all.

There is no doubt that this coming week is a big one and it has the potential to be extremely stressful. All I can do is try to take it one day at a time. Overcome each waiting period and each hurdle before worrying too much about the next. So for now, it’s the practicalities of getting to the clinic on time. That is all I should be allowing myself to focus on. That and whether my bikini line is appropriately prepared. Oh yes!


For those who are interested, here is a quick run down of the trigger shot procedure. It interested me because the single use pen device closely resembles the insulin pens I used to use way back when I was doing multiple daily injections. Only this single-use disposable pen was not only flashier than the multiple-use disposable pens I had in my time, but also the completely non-disposable pens I had too!



Out of the box




Take the cap off


The needle pushes, then screws on (just like an insulin pen) and then remove the outer cover


Dial up the by twisting as far as it will go


Dose will show in the little window – 250


Pinch an inch and stick it in!


Press the plunger all the way down, then count to 10 before withdrawing

(Excuse my flab, my scars, my peeling infusion set and insulin pump)


Smile like a loon for your camera wielding husband

(Excuse the slobby clothes – I’m uncomfortable because my ovaries had quadrupled in size, so slobbing all the way)


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  1. Aww, you got a pen?? We got a vial and a HUGE syringe…and hubby had to shoot me up in the hip. The things we do for those little cherub cheeked babies! I have everything crossed for you that it works for you!!!! Good luck 🙂

    1. Yes, just for the trigger shot. The other drugs were all old-skool syringes. I know that some stimms drugs (Gonal-F) do also come in these fancy pants pens though. I suspect it may push the costs up even more, as we all know this stuff isn’t cheap! Thanks for your comment and good wishes. What we do indeed!

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