Me and Mine – January 2014

As so often before, I’m late with my Me and Mine contribution for January.  But as always, I believe it’s better late than never – especially since, having only managed to join in eight out of twelve times last year, I’m determined to do better this year!

I’m hoping against hope that this year will be the one in which our family will grow from three to four, and if it happens I know that I’ll really appreciate having documented the changes as they occur. In relation to that hope, January has been a month full of appointments and anxious waiting. I’m conscious that our “family time” has been eroded by hours spent in a fertility clinic where children are, for obvious reasons, not particularly welcome. And at other times I’ll admit that my mind has been preoccupied with thoughts of fertility treatment – sperm, eggs, scans and tests. (If you haven’t read my posts this week about our infertility journey (here and here) can I suggest that you take a look and please consider reading and sharing.)

I’ve been afraid that I’m not being fair to Thomas – the child we already have – by pursuing this so fervently. And I’ve tried to make up for it the only way that I know how: with lots of love, and lots of cuddles.

It was during a sofa cuddle session that we captured this month’s pictures. It was Thomas that began playing with the camera, me that suggested we take a family picture, and Ian that set the camera up at arms length and pressed the shutter release.

It may not be a perfect family photo. It may not be very exciting. But it’s my family, just as we are.


And of course, no Me and Mine would be complete without an outake. Or Thoma sticking his finger up his nose. Boys will be boys…


 dear beautiful


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  1. These photos are lovely, the finger up the nose one made me laugh.
    Please don’t feel guilty for wanting another baby, or for those thoughts to consume you. You are not being unfair. Sending you a hug xx

    1. Typical that he went to stick it up there just as we took the shot!

      It’s hard sometimes not to over think things. I’ve heard more than once now thatI should just be grateful that I have a child at all – as if I’m not! Those sentiments can rub off, especially when you’re vulnerable and hormonal! x

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