{Living Arrows} 6/52 – A Boy and His Stick

My new goal is to try and publish a Living Arrows photo at the start of the week when the linky opens, instead of always being the very last one, scraping in at the final minutes. But better late than never. And better a poorly composed phone snap than nothing at all!

This photo is significant for a really silly reason. See those things on Thomas’s feet? Yes, they’re wellies. Seems pretty ordinary, right? But this is the first time that Thomas has ever worn wellies without having a major meltdown. We’ve never understood exactly what he had against them, but no amount of stories with children splashing in puddles, or being told that he couldn’t splash in puddles until he wore his wellies seemed to help.In the end the answer was Thomas. The Tank Engine one. A pair of wellies with a picture of Thomas and he couldn’t wait to wear them and “splash in puddles Mummy”.

He found this stick whilst chasing the pigeons through the mud and wouldn’t put it down. He dragged it all the way home, stopping every few steps to hit is against a wall, or drag it along some railings. Best free outdoor fun we’ve had amongst all the appalling weather!

And after all, every boy needs a stick.


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