{Living Arrows} 4/52 – Drawing

Thomas loves pens. Crayons don’t cut it for this boy. Nor pencils. He always wants a pen. He knows where we keep them, and stands looking imploringly upwards like a little lost puppy until we (invariably) give him and let him have one. And it’s usually a specific one that he wants too. Not just any pen will do!

His skills with a pen impress me, though. He mastered the tripod grip at about 14 months and has now progressed to drawing straight lines and circles which actually join back up with themselves. He scribbles over shapes that I draw for him, moving steadily towards proper colouring-in.

This picture captures perfectly the flash of concentration that passes across his face when he is “doing drawing”. That’s my boy, lying on his belly on the floor, focused entirely on the task at hand.


living arrows

4 Replies to “{Living Arrows} 4/52 – Drawing”

    1. He does! People keep commenting on how much like me he is. They are usually implying he is a bit bossy (and I have no idea what they mean!) but I think determination is another thing he has from me!

    1. He does get very focused on certain things. And obsessed with things (I’m thinking of trains here!) But at other times he seems so completely lacking in concentration. Such huge contrasts in such a little person!

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