London Transport Trip

It’s hard for me to convey in words just how much Thomas loves trains and transport. It’s an obsession that dominates his day from the moment he wakes to the moment he falls asleep. In fact, it even invades his sleep time as he insists on sleeping with at least six trains and two buses in his cot, and we hear him sometimes narrating his own night time stories with these accessories. He natters away at nursery about stations, and timetables and platform numbers. His train set is the first toy here reaches for each day, and I am thankful every day for the trainspotters who upload their videos to YouTube, as sometimes watching them is the only down time Thomas has. He’s in danger of having a one track mind (can’t resist a pun!) but when I see how happy it makes him, I can’t do anything but go with it.

So the weekend before last, faced with both a beautiful day of few plans and a toddler incessantly demanding to “see a train” and “want to ride a seventy-two train to London Charing Cross” we gave in and took Thomas for a scenic tour of London’s transport.

Our day began on the train to London Bridge (not Charing Cross, much to Thomas’s disappointment, as it was closed due to engineering works). From there we hopped on to the Jubilee Line (“an Underground train mummy and daddy!”) to North Greenwich.

A low blood sugar for me forced a pit stop for cookies (Thomas) and coffee (us). And there was plenty of running around to be done inside the almost deserted O2. 









Next up we went flying on the Emirates Airline. This is the first time any of us have used the cable car across the river – admittedly it isn’t terribly useful unless you live or work in either of the areas it serves and need to get to the other! It was extremely quiet and so we, like everyone else, had an entire car to ourselves. Thomas was pretty apprehensive as we made our way up the stairs to board, shouting “Don’t like it mummy. Don’t like it” but his fear were soon replaced with wonder as we took off over the Thames.

He hasn’t stopped talking about it to anyone who will listen since!










“Next we’re getting the DLR train”. Thomas has a way of pronouncing DLR to sound like a word of its own. Sadly we didn’t get to grab the front seats and “drive” the train, but Thomas still loved it. 

We found our way to Canary Wharf for a lunchtime stop, which included escalator rides – another fascination – and Thomas standing on the escalator himself for the first time ever!




We completed our journey with a second tube ride and then the bus to Canon Street before catching a train home.



Such a simple (and relatively inexpensive, given that Ian has a Gold Card, which also gives me discount) day out, but Thomas absolutely loved it. He spoke to his Grandma on the phone two days later and the first thing he told her was that he’d been “on an underground train and it was wobbly” followed by talking all about flying in the cable car. 

I just hope Thomas remains this easy to please for the rest of his childhood!


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    1. The green star jacket was my super buy if the season from Boden – I had a good discount code and it’s such a lovely warm coat! Yes, he’s so obsessed by trains he even had to play with them over lunch!

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