{Living Arrows} 3/52 – Foodie

My son loves to eat.

Yet, he’s also very picky about his food. Or more specifically where he likes to eat.

At home, the dining table is not a popular spot. He’d exist, on days spent in the confines of our house, on biscuits eaten on the run – if only he could. “Don’t like it” is a frequent refrain, even when I’ve set before him something that he has previously declared as “mmmmmm, yummy tummy”.

Nursery is a different story. There he apparently gets his head down and shovels food in as fast as he can, giving warning glances to his little play mates not to try to touch his plate. He eats things there that I’ve never successfully served at home – tuna, cheese and melon, to name a few.

His very favourite thing of all , however, is to eat out at a restaurant. Sat up at the table between us, he states his preference for pasta or sausages, peas or carrots. Confident enough at two to order his own meal. When the food arrives his face lights up. “Mmmmmm, lunch” he shouts, winning over waiting staff and fellow diners alike.

He’s been confidently feeding himself with cutlery for well over a year now, but there is still one meal that foils him every time: pasta bolognese. It’s almost like he can’t help but turn himself orange in the process of eating it all as fast as he can. And I can’t say I mind, because watching him is priceless.


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    1. Thank you! I received Lightroom 5 for my birthday this week and I spent a lot of time yesterday playing with new presets! I liked this effect, so I’m really pleases that someone else does too! x

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