{Living Arrows} 2/52 – Tantrum

In so many ways, Thomas is a typical toddler. When the answer to a demand is “no” – when he is not allowed to eat biscuits all afternoon, go out without shoes or play with scissors – he makes sure he shows his disappointment via that timeless medium: the toddler tantrum.

And he also has a tendency to become extremely frustrated with his limitations. When something does not work how he’d like, when he doesn’t understand how to fix something, or a task is physically beyond his capabilities, he expresses his displeasure for all to see by the same method.

Sometimes I envy him the ability to express his emotions so easily and so completely. Given the opportunity, I’d happily throw the odd tantrum myself. The apple, it seems, does not fall that far from the tree after all!

My weapons of choice for dealing with a major toddler meltdown are distraction and denial. My denial, that is. If I ignore it and pretend it isn’t happening, it usually goes away soon enough! But sometimes I have to take a step back and just laugh. The way he throws himself against furniture or on to the floor. The beating of his fists. The look that comes over his face. The set of his mouth. The anguish in his calls. It’s all Oscar worthy stuff.

And this picture sums up a typical Thomas tantrum!


(I think I had denied him any more train videos… after almost an hour of trains at London Bridge on a loop!)


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