Me and Mine – December

I never seem to have any time at the end of the year for all the reflective stuff that other people manage, so that sort of thing will have to wait until next week. But the final thing I really wanted to get done today was to post our final family pictures from this year.

Me and Mine has been running for a whole year now. I joined in on the spur of the moment in January, but sadly haven’t managed to keep up every month. I still love looking back at all the family pictures we do have – several of which would most definitely not be in existence if it weren’t for this project. I definitely think more about getting all three of us in front of the camera during days out and special occasions, which has to be a good thing. I’m actually sharing three pictures today – because I couldn’t choose between them – and each was taken because I thought “This is a good opportunity for a group shot”. If I’d been planning more, I might have aimed to capture us over Christmas itself – eating, drinking, in front of the tree. But Christmas didn’t quite pan out as expected and I’m very happy with the pictures we captured during the month before.

IMG_0984On the Santa Special steam train. Despite his expression, Thomas loved riding on a “Steeeeeeeeam twain”.

IMG_1004Meeting Father Christmas himself. Thomas sat very happily on his knee chatting about the “big present” he wanted (nothing specific, just big!). He looked a bit happier in the individual shots and was only looking a bit glum because we were witholding his present from him!

IMG_1065Thomas’s first bowling experience, which he absolutely loved! Probably my favourite of the three pictures if I’m pushed!

Having said I have little time for reflection, some is always inevitable on New Year’s Eve. 2014 is a year which will, one way or another, bring big changes to our family. Today marks the official beginning of our very first cycle of IVF treatment. By this time next year we will – hope against hope – have another child, or at least be heavily pregnant. But since we don’t plan to tear ourselves apart over this, we may equally have come to the conclusion that our family is meant to be a family of three.

It will be a year that, either way, I want to record and with that in mind, I’m committing to trying to complete all twelve months of Me and Mine next year.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Awww have just read your post. It’s SUCH a hard journey; one that I am all too familiar with. Try to keep your eyes on the prize, stay cosy and be kind to yourself whilst your cycle is going on. Thinking positive thoughts for you — I wish you all the luck in the world X

  2. They are all three such lovely pictures I wouldn’t be able to choose between them either so I’m glad you plumped for all three! I’ve got all fingers and toes crossed that 2014 brings you good news.

  3. I’ve just read your other post, I’m so glad the water didn’t reach your house.
    Your photos are lovely and I wish you all the best with your IVF treatment and hope it doesn’t take too long for you xxx

  4. I am so sorry about your flooding at Christmas, that must have been very scary. You captured some beautiful photos though. And your family photos are just as lovely. I hope that 2014 brings you a new baby. xx

    1. Thank you Katie. I’m just so glad the flooding wasn’t worse, although obviously very sad for all the people affected much more than we were. I’m feeling hopeful for 2014, so we’ll have to see what it brings.

  5. Thomas looks like such a happy little boy in all of these photos. I think the bowling one is my favourite too. We took Arlo at a similar age and he loved it too.

    All the best for your IVF treatment. I have a friend who is just about to start on her first IVF treatment too, I know nothing about IVF but I am trying to read up so I can support her.

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