Me and Mine – October

Once again, I’m a little late to the Me and Mine party. But better late than never, right?

October has been a month of changes. Changes in the weather and season. Changes in my work pattern. And changes in my attitude… well, I’m working on that last one, but there is a definite shift towards positivity and it’s a start!

October has also been a month of new things, including a much coveted new camera. Between us we had two Canon 400D cameras, the newer of which was over six years old. One was retired at the beginning of the year due to major auto-focus problems. The other has travelled many thousands of miles, captured many thousands of images and was well loved, but past its prime. The upgrade is a Canon 70D, surprisingly secured at a fantastic price on Tottenham Court Road just mere minutes after we decided on a quick look whilst commenting that “you never get a good deal on Tottenham Court Road anymore”.

This month’s Me and Mine images are still the kind of last minute, afterthought photos that I’ve come up with for every other month I’ve joined this project. But this time they take advantage of features of the new camera that I thought gimmicky before I’d got my hands of them, but now see could be really useful.

My favourite of our two images is a holding-the-camera-at-arms-length type of shot. But rather than randomly guessing on the position and focus, this was taken using Live-View with the fully articulated screen swivelled round to face us. I used to wonder why anyone would need Live View on an SLR, but I’m already finding all sorts of other strange angles I can now capture shots from without the need to lie down on the floor or contort myself in to a painful yoga pose! It’s still rather awkward to hold an SLR in this way, but we only had to take a single shot to get this, rather than taking ten attempts to even have all of us in the frame! It’s still not perfect – Thomas is lightly out of focus – but look at the cheeky expression on his face!

Me and Mine October(This image includes something else new this month – new glasses! These are the first new frames I’ve had in three years, and I like them enough to give contact lenses a rest for a bit!)

The second image was taken last Sunday whilst we tucked in to a roast dinner. Since the weather has closed in, the 5pm family Sunday roast is becoming a ritual. I find cooking a roast at lunchtime eats a lot in to the day, but I love having the opportunity for us all to share a meal before Thomas goes to bed, so this works well. I took this photo using the camera’s wireless feature and the associated phone app which acts as a remote. Unlike the basic camera remotes I have used before, this gives you a full preview on your phone screen and the ability to adjust basic settings. I thought wireless in a camera really was a gimmick, but I definitely love this feature!

Me and Mine October 2

I don’t love this photo. I look windswept and bedraggled mainly because we had been to the park in a gale and I had then spent the remainder of the afternoon in the kitchen. I feel slightly awkward as I’m really just playing with the new camera features. BUT, this is a proper moment of family life. And, as always, that means more to me than anything else!

dear beautiful

6 Replies to “Me and Mine – October”

  1. Thomas’ expression in that first picture is priceless! They’re both lovely pictures, truly the everyday ordinary. The new camera sounds like a lot of fun too!

    1. It is a great expression – we see quite a lot of these cheeky looks at the moment and it’s wonderful to capture them on camera to remember in the future. The camera is definitely a lot of fun too!

  2. These are both fab photos. I love the cheekiness of the first one and the second one is great because as you say, it shows family life. You don’t look bedraggled. xx

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