Me and Mine – September


We have a gatecrasher in our Me and Mine photo this month – my big brother, who lives almost half a world away on the west coast of the USA. The distance between us means we don’t see nearly enough of each other because it’s a long flight for a little boy who can’t sit still. Even the eight hour time distance makes the windows of time for phone calls and Skypeing rather narrow. I wish he got to spend more time with his nephew, and that Thomas saw more of his uncle. I obviously wish I saw more of my brother, as he’s the only one I’ve got.

His visit was fun. He was quickly inducted in to the world of toddler Thomas, including making tunnels on restaurant tables for trains to drive through, hours of pushing on the swings, reading endless stories and drawing trains on demand. My brother left knowing many more of the characters from Thomas & Friends than he did when he arrived. Thomas consistently mispronounced his uncle’s name in a very endearing way. And to complete the experience, had a nappy leak in his lap. Well, you don’t know toddlers until you’ve had that happen, right?!



The rest of the month has been busy too. Following on from last month’s Me and Mine, I’ve seized opportunity and possibly tempted fate by treating myself to lovely new clothes, including new jeans which clearly won’t fit for long if I do fall pregnant. I’ve agreed to a change I my working patterns from the beginning of next year that will secure me more income. It will also secure me a better maternity package if I do fall pregnant, but probably won’t be practical to sustain on my return to work from maternity leave. So we’ll just have to see. We’ve also booked a family break to Center Parcs next spring, and pre-booked cycle hire despite the fact that if I fell pregnant now, I’d have a six month bump and almost certainly not be the right shape for riding a bike.

And perhaps most importantly of all, we’ve started the process of fertility testing to search out a reason, if one exists, for why I’m not falling pregnant. Simply getting the ball rolling has made me feel more positive that one day our family photos will contain another little person.


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  1. Ahhh, my brother lives a couple of hours away and I miss him terribly, so I can only imagine how you must feel. But it’s lovely how they can just slip into their uncle duties so seamlessly regardless. I love both your photos. x

  2. I think it’s always good to keep making plans, otherwise you get stuck in a cycle of not planning anything ‘just in case’, and it’s horrible to feel that your whole life is on hold.

    Looks like you had a lovely time with your brother, and sounds like he is now an expert on train-loving toddlers, hehe : )

    1. Yes, definitely with you on the making plans. It’s hard not to keep thinking “but I might be pregnant…” though, and I do find myself working out how pregnant I might be by certain events. But we do have to keep lying life!

      Thomas loves to teach everybody the names of all the trains and gets very cross if you get them wrong!

  3. Aw how lovely that your brother came over to stay. My sisters are away at university at the moment, we still see them every few weeks but we do miss them especially my little girl. It must be a nightmare having your brother so far away. I hope you manage to see him again soon and good luck with your TTC journey, I know how frustrating it can be. Thanks for linking up to my blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Natalie. Frustrating is definitely the word for trying to conceive, especially this time around for us!

  4. It’s so hard when your family are far away – we’ve always been the ones who have been overseas, and times home are very special. Sounds like your brother was the perfect uncle during his visit! (Found you via Plutonium Sox)

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