The Week That Was: Instagrammed {one}

This is the first time that I’ve managed to join the lovely Hannah’s That Was The Week That Was linky. I was in the middle of my very first attempt to join when my previous MacBook died a very sudden death. As much as I love my iPhone and iPad, I’m not up to creating these kind of photo heavy posts on those devices alone. But now we’re back up and running, I’m excited to be finally joining in.



Sunday began with Thomas running around with a bag over his head. The world is clearly not ready for his beauty! We met with my parents and my Grandpa for lunch at a lovely local gastro-pub (our second gastro-pub lunch in two days!). Getting four generations around one table is always special. Of course the trains came too, and Thomas enjoyed running around the big garden.


Monday was an exciting day, although I was at work for most of it. I received a text message in the afternoon to let me know that my replacement Mac had been delivered to my neighbour. I couldn’t wait to get home and get in to it. As a not very patient person I’m very proud of the fact that I waited until Thomas was bathed, four (yes, FOUR!) stories read and in bed, before I opened it.

The other delivery of the day was some special cable that Ian had ordered from China, which enabled him to have a better fiddle with the dead hard drive from my old MacBook. To the utter surprise of both of us, we were able to retrieve a huge amount of data from it, which means the bits I thought I had lost because they hadn’t been backed up recently enough, are no longer lost! Sometimes it really pays to be married to an utter geek, as there is no way I would have bee able to pull this off myself.

The floor of our front room became mission control for the evening as we transferred files and got everything set up. Ian did comment that since we were getting the old hard drive working, perhaps there was no need for a new Mac after all. He got *the look*!



Tuesday was the first rainy day in a while. We passed the time playing with trains, watching trains on TV and reading about trains! To break up the monotony, I put one of our “Musical Bumps” CDs on and Thomas conducted a two person maracca-and-tambourine orchestra.

Wednesday was a work day, and no phone photos to share.


Thursday saw us making a spontaneous visit to the Horniman Museum. It was actually a bit too hot to enjoy the lovely gardens as much as I would have liked, but Thomas had a great time in the music garden and we ate our picnic in the shade of a tree. Of course, the trains came too, and at one point we had a temper tantrum because I’d forgotten to bring Gordon, and another because he couldn’t hold three trains at once easily. He also sought out the best places to play with his trains, including a bench and even the floor!

Friday was another work day, and another no phone photo day.


Yesterday saw a continuation of the work to renovate our garden. At long last the hideous astro-turf left by the previous owners has been ripped up. Thomas quite enjoyed meeting all the worms and snails that came out to play as a result. In the evening we put some recipes from The Burger book to the test – we made homemade onion rings to start, followed by Mexican Turkey Burgers, which were pretty good.

Head on over to Hannah’s blog to see what other people have been up to, and join in!


4 Replies to “The Week That Was: Instagrammed {one}”

  1. Oh gosh – I wouldn’t have lasted a bath and four stories! That box would have been ripped open as soon as I got home and baby handed to OH… I’m so glad you managed to get the lost stuff back – there’s nothing quite as heart-wrenching as losing years worth of work and photos.

    I’ve never been to the Horniman but have always wanted to – it used to be my dream wedding venue, and then I realised I’d need a mortgage to get married there.

    Thank you so much for linking up – and hope to see you again next week!
    Hannah xx

    1. To be honest, I’m surprised at my own patience! I think it helped that the idea of sorting out all my back ups etc was a bit daunting – moat as easy as just migrating an old Mac to a new Mac. Fortunately it wasn’t years worth of stuff anyway, as most things were properly backed up – I’d just got a bit sloppy with some of my stuff.

      The Horniman is fab, especially with young children, as everyone else has them too, so any amount of screeching and playing with trains on the floor is tolerated by almost everyone!

  2. Geeks are fantastic when technology goes wrong! Can’t believe you were able to wait so long, I’d have ripped in to that parcel soon as!

    I love the idea of 4 generations having lunch, so many stories to be told.

    1. I’m a bit too reliant on my geek sometimes. If anything happens to him and the wireless network goes down, I may by screwed. I used to be good at this stuff, but he is way too technical for me!

      It’s lovely that we have four generations, and I hope it’s something that Thomas will have the opportunity to remember.

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