That Was The Week That Was: Instagrammed {Two}

I’m joining in with Hannah’s linky again this week, despite most of these photos not actually making it on to Instagram!



On Sunday we took a trip to Bodiam Castle, which I’ve already written about here. When we got home, we took a very insistent little boy to the park for a a good session on the swings. He insisted on pushing his trains along the wall all the way there and all the way back. Needless to say, it wasn’t a quick trip!


I took this photo of Thomas in the morning. Monday is a work day, and always a mad rush to get all sorts of things sorted out and get out of the house to nursery and to work on time. Thomas was taking it all in his stride this week, and chilling out on a pile of cushions whilst we dashed all around him!


Tuesday was a busy day. We fitted in a walk by the river, then a trip to the shops which included picking up this ‘Spot the Dog” book in one of my favourite shops on our local high street – The Oxfam Bookshop. We then met friends in the park, and all retreated to the library when we got too hot. At home in the afternoon we did some baking together, Thomas spent a lot of time finally mastering his scooter, and we had a visit from some second cousins.

Wednesday was yet another work day, and again no photos captured with my phone.


Thursday was an odd day, as for complicated reasons I couldn’t use any of my cards, so had only the cash I started the day with – all eighty eight pence of it! So we stuck with time spent in the park and library again. Thomas was captivated by the digger working on a platform in the river, and spent a lot of time watching it. He also made a mess with yogurt – it’s funny how amongst all the words he knows are “messy”, “dirty” and “naughty”!

Friday was again a work day, and again I have no phone pictures to share. I’m starting to think I spend entirely too much time at work!


Yesterday we went to Port Lympne Wild Animal Park. We have gold card tickets for here and Howletts, as they are both reasonably close, but this is actually the first time we’ve taken Thomas to Port Lympne. We choseĀ  good day as it wasn’t too hot, which also meant it wasn’t too busy. Thomas named several of the animals correctly, but also took to shouting “Amamal” whenever he saw an unfamiliar animal! He wasn’t keen on being pushed in one of the park’s courtesy pushchairs, preferring to push it himself. And his over exuberance earned him a grazed knee at one point!

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