That Was The Week That Was: Instagrammed {Three}

It’s been another busy week for us, but I wanted to find time to join in with The Week That Was Linky as it forces me to take stock of all the busy-ness and ensure I actually record the day-to-day moments. Many of these photos weren’t actually Instagrammed, but they are all photos taken and edited only with my phone – this linky also helps ensure that these photos don’t just languish on there, unloved!



On Sunday, Ian got on with building some decking at the end of our garden, with help from friends. My mum and I took Thomas out of the melee (He likes to try to “help”) and he enjoyed a pub lunch (that is apple juice, nothing stronger!) and then plenty of time at the park and in the big sandpit, including climbing on the broken digger frame! We headed home to a garden that is finally taking shape, and Thomas had a lot of fun playing with the sand and water table on the new patio. We ended the evening christening the new deck by sitting on it with friends ad drinking wine and beer.

Monday was a work day, so no photos to share.


On Tuesday we went to Godstone Farm. I didn’t take many photos with my phone, as I had the DSLR (and hopefully I’ll do a full post on this day out at some point) but Thomas had a fantastic day running sround looking at the animals, washing his hands (something he loves to do!) and playing in the sandpit and the playground. At lunchtime he wouldn’t eat unless he could also feed his trains, which he lined up by his plate before offering them each a spoonful of beans! The middle picture is taken in the slide barn on the back of a model tow truck. He had so much fun playing here and sitting in the cab pretending to drive, we literally had to drag him away!


On Wednesday I had a day off work, but Thomas was still in nursery. The day was spent catching up on household tasks and some writing stuff, but I made time for a (hot!) cup of tea and a Double Decker, whilst watching rubbish on TV. In the afternoon I had my hair cut and coloured, which gave me an opportunity to get stuck in to a new book. And to complete the naughtiness of the day, I picked up a Frappuccino on the way home and sat in the park with my book for a while. Bliss.


We packed a lot in to Thursday. We went swimming in the morning. I’ve not been for a couple of weeks due to other things, and I’d forgotten how frenetic our local pool is during the school holidays. Thomas had plenty of fun splashing around, but then started asking for “Percy” and “Gordon”. He didn’t want to get changed, just play with his trains on the changing room benches.

We went straight from the swimming pool to the hairdresser as Thomas badly needed a haircut – you can see in the bottom right corner that his hair is much shorter. Cutting Thomas’s hair is a nightmare as he will not sit still, which is why I now let the professionals do it. Last time we went, the lady cut herself, however, so I’m a bit embarrassed and apprehensive now! We got through it with him watching “Thomas and Friends” on my phone and me feeding him biscuits!

In the afternoon we walked down to the local lake, which is only about ten minutes walk through the woods. We went to feed the ducks, but this is something Thomas doesn’t really get yet, as he just stuffs the bread in to his own mouth. He had fun chasing them around and shouting “Cack Ducks” (“Quack Ducks”).


Friday I was off work again as I had a hospital appointment in London right in the middle of the day. I didn’t plan this outfit very well for the torrential rain! I enjoyed some “me time” again on the train, listening to music and reading a book. The appointment ate up most of the day, between travelling there, waiting, the actual appointment and then travelling home. But it was worthwhile with a good outcome.


Yesterday I was woken up at 4.30am by a screaming, hot and miserable little boy. I thought that was going to scratch out our plans for the weekend, but after some Calpol and lots of cuddles, the temperature disappeared and he perked right up. We were traveling down to Ian’s parents’ so made the decision to stilll go, and he was fine all day. I was less happy as driving on the M25 always sets me on edge. Between idiot middle lane hoggers and a silly Sat Nav that was absolutely determined to make us take the M3 despite solid traffic on the M25 and it being much easier to take the A3…. Aaaargh!

I was down there for a hen do, which saw me dressed up as in the picture above. We had drinks and a lovely dinner, followed by a trip to a roller disco. It’s been a long time since I wore roller skates, but we had a great time!

Joining in with this linky has made me realise just how full some of my weeks are! So what have you been up to? Head over to Hannah’s blog, by clicking on the badge, to join in!



6 Replies to “That Was The Week That Was: Instagrammed {Three}”

  1. Ooh how was roller skating? It sounds like you’ve had a very busy week!! Bless Thomas and his trains – he’s so cute 🙂

    Thank you so much for linking up again! xx

    1. Roller skating was… Interesting! A self-employed dentist on roller skates has the potential to be a disaster, but it was good fun, and I didn’t fall over!

  2. Caro – I’m so glad to see you are ok. I was a little worried that I hadn’t ‘seen’ you around for a while on BC. Looks like you had a fun week and Thomas looks just gorgeous!

    Amy x

    1. Thanks for your comment! I’m fine, but a bit withdrawn from there at the mo as I’m having a hard time dealing with not being pregnant, and being over there just rubs it in my face a bit too much! Thomas keeps me on my toes though!

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