Reasons to Love Ikea

“Oh, it’s raining” said Ian, on Saturday morning. “Let’s go to Ikea!”

It seems to be a fact of life that whenever we go to Ikea, it is tipping it down with rain. So to turn logic on it’s head, the rain prompted him to suggest a much needed trip to the Swedish furniture store. My response?

“Yes, yes, meatballs!”

Let’s be honest, though. Who doesn’t love Ikea? Well, okay… I don’t like the queues to pay, and the fact that only a third of the tills are ever open. The fact that there is always guaranteed to be at least one screw missing from your furniture. That there is never anyone around to help when you are five-foot-three woman trying to buy an eight-foot wardrobe on your own. That its ubiquity is making clones of houses up and down the land. That they never have everything you need in stock at exactly the same time. I could go on with a list of niggles.

But Ikea is also the ultimate rainy family day out.

Besides the cheap, multifunctional furniture endless storage solutions and maze of spaces for exuberant toddlers to burn off some excess energy…

Peeking in to a wardrobe in ikea

Mirrors to stare at yourself in and cupboards to nosy in to

Hiding around corners in Ikea

Little corners and cubby hole to hide in. And lots and lots of set-ups where you can run round and round in endless circles. (Fun only if you’re one and three quarters, I fear!)

Ikea trolley ride

Trollies to ride in, especially fun over the sensory pavements outside!

Drawing in Ikea

Free pencils for “dawing” (Drawing, to you and me!)

Ikea toys try before you buy

Lots of toys to “try before you buy”

Ikea meatballs and Daim cakeAnd who can forget the meatballs and Daim cake. No trip to Ikea is complete without it!
Ikea Thomas meatballs
Even Thomas loves meatballs!

I thought about adding the fact that it’s a free day out. But then I remembered that it’s almost impossible to leave Ikea without spending at least £100, even if you only went in for some chopping boards and a small storage box. Damn you Ikea!


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