Project 365: End of April

This is a very, very, very overdue update to my 365 Project. I’ll be honest and say that I think I may have lost my way a bit with this goal during the end of May and June, but I know that I’ve been taking at least one photo every day since the beginning of July, and I still want to pick it up and publish what I have. It’s actually quite nice for me to be editing and posting these pictures so long after they were taken, as I can instantly see just how much Thomas has changed, and it’s wonderful to be reminded of all the things we’ve done which I’ve already started to forget about!


An obsession with keys and locks began. I’m impressed that he learned that keys go in locks all by himself. Of course, he doesn’t always try to get the right key in the right lock, and fortunately he hasn’t yet succeeded in getting one in at all!


I love this picture. It is another moment of pure joy in a local park.


My, what big feet you have. Along with fitting keys in locks, Thomas also likes to fit his feet in to shoes, regardless of whose shoes they are.


We have had several incidents of attempted pushchair stealing by Thomas lately. The most recent nearly broke my heart with how upset it made Thomas. So I did the soft parent thing and bought him his very own. It proves to be a useful tool to get Thomas to keep walking in roughly the direction you want him too for longer that twenty seconds.


I’ve forgotten exactly what was being pointed at here, but pointing has been a top favourite activity on every recent trip outside!


The sweeping obsession continues.


This was taken at my parent’s house, playing with my old Fisher Price Marching Band Set. It’s hard to say who had the most fun. (N.B there definitely does not exist any video of us actually marching whilst playing the instruments. No. Defintiely not. Ahem.)


Playing with train track. This was around the time when Thomas got really proficient at actually pushing the trains along the track.


This train (or “Toot Toot”) was a gift from a family member whose own grandchildren (who are something like Thomas’s third cousins) had outgrown it. He is loves dragging it around the garden.


Colouring in.


I spent this day at a conference for work, and my parents took Thomas out for the day to the Museum of Kent Life. This was in a tunnel in the playground (and obviously not taken by me). Apparently he had a cracking day flirting with strangers, playing in the playgrounds, looking at the animals and wolfing down sausages, mash and peas (“peeeeeeeeees”). I wish I had been there instead of clocking up CPD hours!Apr262013

We went to Pizza Express for lunch. Ian captured this photo of me taking a photo of Thomas. He has pasta Bolognaise, and absolutely loved it. He did eat more than he ended up wearing, honestly!


Brand new sand table, a present from Granny and Grandad, who visited today. It was an instant hit.


Previously Thomas hated these tunnels and wouldn’t go through them at all. But seeing one on the shop floor of Ikea changed all that, and dragging him away proved really difficult. It was Ikea cheap, so once again our spoiled little boy got a new toy.


Meeting a horse up close for the first time. This is at a local attraction which has recently been taken over by new management. Whilst they do it up, admission is free, with pay-as-you-go for certain activities. Perfect for us at present as we can go and let Thomas see all the animals (chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, horses etc) and run around the very good play area, all for free.


Over Daddy’s shoulder. The chin scrape is the result of a high speed collision with furniture. The moment it happened was heart stopping, as the wail was the most distressed noise I’ve heard from Thomas ever. I hardly dared look at first, thinking the injury would be a lot worse!


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