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Dear Thomas

I’m a little late in writing to you for your twentieth month, as we’ve been away on holiday – your second “proper” holiday. I’ve been too busy enjoying the beach, ferries and railways, aquariums and farms with you to think about the fact that another month has crept by. But is has, and you continue to grow and change at a frightening speed.

Thomas on the beach

Sunnies and tongue sticking out in the car seat

You’re still an absolute chatterbox. We continue to hear new words, and now new phrases, almost every day. You’ve begun to say more two word phrases, like “car key” and “big car”, but your favourite phrase remains “oh dear”. We are trying to teach you that you cannot say “oh dear” when it isn’t an accident. If you deliberately throw something on the floor, “oh dear” is not really the most appropriate response. But you haven’t mastered “I’m sorry, I won’t do that again”. And I’m not holding my breath that will come anytime soon! In the meantime we are quite used to the constant stream of “oh dears” in your life.

You also now consistently call me “Mummy”, which just melts my heart. For a long time I had no specific word, then we had “mama” for a short while, and most recently “meeeeeee”. But finally this month you’ve settled on “Mummeeeee”. I’m so happy to be your mummy, and to hear you calling for me by that name when you want me specifically.

This month you have been utterly obsessed with dogs, cars, buses and bins. Everywhere we go you shout out “dog” and “bus” and the vast majority of the time you are right. It still amazes me that you can recognise such an array of different looking animals as all being dogs. You are pretty fearless and will happily go up to meet them, shouting “hello” loudly as you try to pet them. (You weren’t so convinced about the seaside donkeys, mind you, but sheep are a big hit and you even kissed one before we could stop you on a recent farm visit!) I’m not sure how your bin obsession started, but whenever you finish with some food, or a wipe or tissue, you exclaim “all done” followed by “bin”, and will then seek out a bin to put your rubbish in to. You will happily scuttle back and forth to the bin for as long as we keep finding you rubbish to put in to it. The amount of joy it gives you is amazing. You certainly seem like a clean and tidy nut and I still have no idea where you get that from!

Putting everything in to the bin

You have lots of other crazy habits too, like your demand to press the “ding dong” (doorbell) every time we enter or leave the house, and the way you mutter “pourpourpourpourpourpourpour” under you breath as you pour pretend tea from a teapot, or real water from a bucket. You’re still a real wriggle pants too, never sitting still for more than a few moments.

As your language has developed, so has your skill for expressing your feelings, opinions and wishes. You make it clear when you’re done with something by stating “all done”, and equally when you want more – we hear “more milk” and “more gogurt” quite a bit. You have opinions on the books you want to read – mostly saying “no” to our suggestions if you don’t like them, but you ask for Spot the dog by name. You also have opinions on what you want to wear, refusing point blank to have shoes put on that you don’t fancy. It seems you’re becoming stubborn just like me! In fact, we hear the word “no” more than almost any other (“oh dear” is perhaps the exception). Some days it feels like the answer is always “no”, no matter what the question.

You’ve been funny about food this month, mostly preferring to eat snacks than real meals. Your favourite foods at the moment are definitely sausages, peas and biscuits, and you’d live on just those if you could. Oh, and ice cream and chocolate of course! I’m no longer too concerned about giving you food that is too hot, as identifying hot things is another new found skill. You touch your food cautiously before eating and declare “hot” before blowing on its you’ve so often watched mummy and daddy do. Which serves to remind me what a little sponge you are, taking in what we do and imitating it.

Staeling the chocolate flake from my ice cream

I only wish that you would imitate our ability to sleep a little more closely, as it’s been a challenging month on that front with nap refusals, early waking and middle of the night screaming sessions. I still love you just as much as ever though, even in the wee small hours when we should all be sleeping. Sometimes when I carry you in to our bed and you smoosh your tear stained face against mine, I remember what a tiny boy you used to be, and realise how big you are getting. It’s nice to still be needed for those cuddles when you spend so much of your day pushing me away because you want to do everything yourself.

When you’re older, you will roll your eyes and me and tell me that I’m embarrassing, but you will always be my little boy, no matter how much you grow and learn. And I will always love you.

Mummy xxx

Little boys like to pick their noses

Cool dude pushing pushchair

Milk time

toy broom in the playhouse

Drawing on floor


4 Replies to “Twenty”

  1. What a lovely letter! It really takes me back (only about a year though…) to when my son was that age. I love Thomas’s bin-obsession, that should be harnessed and used to your advantage! He looks and sounds adorable. This is my first visit to your blog, lovely writing! Will go and check out some more of your posts now. x

    1. Ah, thank you! I’m hoping these letters will help take us all back in future as I don’t want to forget all these funny little habits and moments. We do try to use the bin obsession a bit, along with his obsession for sweeping up, but then Ifeel like a mean mummy! Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post and hope you find more posts you enjoy too!

  2. Now I see why you recognised the train! Mill Bay is a lovely beach and I’m a completely biased fan of that whole part of the world. And as for your Thomas, he’s such a cutie and it sounds like you’re about to get the language explosion!

    1. Mill Bay is lovely! More pictures of that part of the world willbe upcoming when my hard drive failure issues are sorted out! I am biased where Thomas is concerned, but I do agree that he’s a cutie!

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