Bouncy Castles and Barbecues

This weekend we went to my work summer barbecue. Thomas was the youngest child there, but that didn’t hold him back at all. He had his first experience of a full sized bouncy castle, and whilst he was a bit unsure to begin with, he ended up jumping with joy!

Bouncy castle with daddy

First time buncy castle

Finding feet on bouncy castle

He had lots of fun with “BUBBLE” and trying to learn to blow them himself

Blowing bubbles with daddy

Bubble joy

Learning to blow bubbles

He had lots of fun making noise with the “Boom Bats”. And notice that T-shirt? Apt for a dentist’s son, don’t you think?

Banging the boom bats

When it came to the food, despite having eaten lunch before we set off for the mid afternoon event, he couldn’t stop stuffing his face. I took a sausage on to a plate to cut open and cool down for him, not noticing him worming his way between the people at the food table until he emerged with a sausage of his own which he stuffed straight in to his mouth whole! My boy absolutely loves sausages.

Enjoying a yummy sausage

Enjoying a delicious sausage

And he also loved the ice cream during down time from his bouncing.

Enjoying ice cream by the bouncy castle

In pre-baby days we would have enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the sun, drinking a few beers and staying on in to the evening. Things have changed now, as we don’t get a moment’s rest whilst he charges around, and then we leave early to put him to bed. But watching him exploring new places, new people and new activities, throwing himself in to them with his whole soul and lighting up with joy when he’s having fun – it’s completely magical.

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7 Replies to “Bouncy Castles and Barbecues”

    1. I can see them being a popular feature here in the coming years! I’d forgotten how much hard work bouncy castles are, as it’s years since I’ve been on one!

    1. I’d forgotten how much hard work bouncing on them is! We’ve just spent a week at a place with a trampoline, so he’s even more into bouncing now, and finally getting the hang of lifting his feet up!

  1. He looks like he will be seeing a lot more of the bouncy castle. Many children do get afraid before climbing onto the huge balloony moving thing. But when they bounce and play on the castle, it become a lot of joy for them.

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