Thomas Loves…

The more Thomas’s personality grows, the more strongly his little quirks show up. We’ve always known that he is strong willed and determined, but prone to frustration. And he’s a very passionate little boy who tends to be all-or-nothing, with very little middle ground – he either loves something, or he flat out hates it.

Thomas loves

(No, I didn’t put money in the Thomas ride-on. He doesn’t have to know that it moves, for now at least!!)

At this moment in time, some of his big loves include:

  • Thomas the Tank Engine, and trains in general. I do believe Thomas has not fully understood that although he and the little blue train share the same name, they are not one and the same. From all the “peep peeping” that goes on throughout the day, you could be forgiven for getting confused too.
  • Cake. And biscuits. And chocolate. Yes, I’m a BAD parent, so string me up now!
  • Crayons and pens. He likes nothing more some mornings that carrying a biro around, clicking the button up and down. Oh, and drawing on everything with it, including his own belly.
  • Brushing his teeth. Surprisingly this is at absolutely no insistence from his dentist mummy. He just loves it, and constantly demands more “boo-pas” (toothpaste) and to “bussssssh”.
  • Dancing. He’ll dance to the doorbell. And the washing machine. I hope he never loses his confidence!
  • Books
  • Sweeping. This is the most enduring of his obsessions so far. He spies brooms wherever we go and does everything he can to get hold of them and sweep! He throws sand out of the sandpit just so that he can sweep it up again. I have absolutely no idea where he learned this domestcity from, because it certainly wasn’t me!
  • Telephones. We’re over thinking that everything is a telephone. But sadly that means he knows which is the real telephone and won’t be fobbed off with a substitute. He holds it to his ear and says “Hiya. Yuh, Yuh. Byeeeeeeeeee” I have no idea why, as this is not my typical phone conversation! Strangely if there s actually someone talking to him, like his daddy, he goes silent!
  • Bubbles. We still get demands for “bubble” several times a day.
  • Swings. We go past the playground without stopping at our peril, which is a problem when so many routes home go straight past the playground!

Top hates of the moment include:

  • Nappy changes and being dressed. I’ve clearly spawned a little nudist.
  • Having his face wiped. He’s trying to start a fashion trend for wearing yogurt.
  • Going in to his car seat or pushchair. He’s perfected the stiff-as-a-board routine. And he does it wthout fail if I’m trying to strap him in the pushchair in public, screeching at the top of his voice. I can feel strangers eyes boring in to my back as I use a strategically placed knee to help secure him in there.
  • Fruit that is not puréed. Don’t ask me why. I’m guessing it’s a texture thing, but it’s strange for the boy who managed to eat literally everything whilst he still had no teeth.
  • The vacuum cleaner. It’s fine so long as it is switched off, but the moment we turn it on, he runs away as fast as his little legs will carry him!

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