Teeth… They’re Like Buses

You wait eighteen months for a tooth to come along, and then SIX come along almost all at once!

Front teeth

Finally, finally, at one week past eighteen months, Thomas got his first tooth. The bottom right front tooth came through with little fanfare, noticed by chance during lunch when it most definitely had not been there the night before. Within a few days it was joined by both of the top front front teeth and then the second lower front tooth.

Now, not to be one to suddenly begin to conform, we’re having a break with the traditional sequence of tooth eruption and both the upper first primary molars have made an appearance to bring the total to six. It seems as though all the people who speculated that they would suddenly all appear at once might not have been too far wrong.

I wanted to share this post sooner, because it’s been such a long time coming. It’s no secret that I’ve had my moments where I’ve allowed myself to think just a little bit too much about rare dental and physiological conditions that could be causing my son’s lack of teeth. And I’m tired of the jokes about the dentist’s son with no teeth and how I must have scared them away, or removed them all for some reason. However, I also wanted to try to get pictorial evidence before posting this, which proved almost impossible to do. In the end, we resorted to lying Thomas on the floor and tickling him to get the shots. Despite the difficulties in capturing them on film, they are ALL I can see whenever he laughs or speaks. I’m so used to my gummy, baby-faced boy that I cannot get over the fact that he now, at long last has teeth.

Baby teeth



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