Dear Thomas,

Nineteen months old already! And the big news from this month is the fact that you finally have teeth. In fact, they’ve started popping through at an alarming rate and where one month ago there were none, you now have six! I don’t know if it has anything to do with the teeth, but your face suddenly, looks less chubby and babyish, much more defined and boyish. And the fact that you have shot up in height hasn’t gone unnoticed either. You grew out of several pairs of trousers literally overnight.

Baby teeth

Your vocabulary continues to explode all over the place. Choc-loc, bell, but-un, cake, wee wee (which actually means ring-ring) are all new. You still never shut up, even when you are supposed to be falling asleep – even sometimes when you ***are*** asleep! And we here a little running commentary and you say things like “open”, “close”, “up”, “down”, “dig”, “oh dear” amd “oh no” as you wander about the house doing things.

When you’re not chattering, you’re singing – “Row, Row, Row”, “E-I-E-I-O”, “The Wheels on the Bus” and bizarrely “Happy Birthday to You” are top of the pops right now. If a musical instrument is to hand, you’ll grab it and demand we make noise with you. If no instruments are to be found, you’ll make do with dancing, wiggling your hips from side to side and shaking your arms and head. You’ll do it in the middle of a cafe, or shop. You even ran up and tried to join in a children’s dance taster session at a local fete, even though the children were all over twice your age. I love your confidence, little guy, and I hope you never lose it.

We took you to your first wedding as a toddler this month, and you seemed to have a great time. You loved chasing the older children and their footballs around, peering under all the tablecloths, clapping during the speeches and racing around the dance floor. You also insisted on drinking from a wine glass (water only, of course!) And as a testament to how much better you sleep now than you did not so long ago, you even napped in your pushchair, then later fell asleep, already in you pyjamas and sleeping bag, in the car on the way home. You let us transfer you to your cot and slept all night!



You met Thomas the Tank Engine for the first time this month, and a true love has blossomed here. You love playing with your Thomas trains, lining them up and pushing them around the track. And nothing snaps you out of a grizzle right now like an episode of “Thomas and Friends”. “Oooooo” you shout as you hear the theme music, and your hips begin to wiggle.

Your other love is definitely crayons. You spend so much time each day at your little table, drawing lines and circles. You’ve developed a really precise grip and I’m certain that you will be right handed.


Keeping up with you continues to be a challenge and sometimes I worry about finding things for you to do. But then you get such simple joy out of discovering how to turn the outdoor tap on and off, out of a walk through the woods and out of finding a dandelion. You never stop exploring and inquiring and I hope that so long as there is something still to discover, you’ll always stay that way.

I love you little man, more than words can say

Mummy xx








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