Me and Mine – June

dear beautiful

I can’t believe that another month has gone past since the last Me and Mine, which I snapped right at the very last moment. Continuing the theme. this month’s picture has been taken this morning. Fortunately better camera and better light than the last effort, but neither Thomas nor Ian had much patience for the endeavour today!

But here we are, camped out in our front room playing with Thomas’s current favourite toy as our garden is currently a demolition zone!


And a couple of the outakes:




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    1. He doesn’t look so happy in the final one! He was looking at the television (next to the camera) in the top one. Still can’t decide if I prefer the middle one!

    1. Yes, I think I took about 15 pictures in total! Thank goodness for digital though – imagine when we had to pay to process all those outakes!

    1. Thanks! The train track is definitely number one for now, and I must admit to not always bothering to put it away at the moment!

    1. I did have a few awful outakes too though, including the first couple where I fluffed the settings and got them totally out of focus! Getting a toddler to look at the camera is hard though 🙂

  1. They’re lovely photos – both the ‘official’ one and the out takes – and I agree thank goodness for digital photography, I have so many out takes trying to get both girls looking even vaguely in the right direction!

  2. What a good idea for a photo! And I totally hear you on the general impatience – there’s always at least one person I have to force into taking our photo each month, haha. Arlo is obsessed with his train track, may have to borrow your idea and take a photo of us with his track when Rory is a bit older ; )

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